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    Candy Crush

    Howdy Have you played candy crush? Candy crush is a puzzle game were you have to find 3 or more items in a row , levels get harder and harder as you progress though This game is available on Ios and android
  2. Howdy Do you remember XBMC (Xbox media center) on Orginal Xbox? I Remember it well, I remember going to my friends house and we used to use it watch TV and movies it was fun Too this day I still use it (Kodi) but on andorid and pc
  3. Hey VGR fans Do you have a PlayStation 5 Console? If not are you planning on getting one? I don't own PlayStation 5 yet but I hope to own one with in the next 7 years
  4. Howdy VGR Family My Name is Thomas from Christchurch NZ I love technology, computers and browsing forums they are fun Facts about me - I have Autism - Toastmaster - Amateur Radio Operator Thomas
  5. Hey Have you ever played PlayStation 2 or still own console today? I proud to say I still own my PlayStation 2 still to this day 😊 As for my favourite games on PlayStation 2 My favourites are Grand theft auto San andreas Jak and Dexter series Harry Potter series Need For Speed series Tiger Woods PGA tour 2003 What is your favorite ps2 games I would love to here them 🙂
  6. if it too good to be true then it is , if in doubt don't go ahead with the sale
  7. GTA Vice City is amazing it's such a great Game! I got to say I am a proud owner of that game on PS2 good story good graphic's overall super fun
  8. Wow if you got to cheat in any sport then it really means you don't really care Cheating is bad , don't ever do it not worth it , Just practice until you are good
  9. I started playing computer Games when I was a young kid with my Grandad He always had the latest games my Favorite Games are Duke Nukem & Doom
  10. Wow great deal !! I going to my friend about this he would love these awesome deals Thanks for sharing
  11. tdbnz


    I am a Young Male 25 years old 🙂
  12. I haven't modded any game to my knowledge yet , however it would be cool do just to see weird or unseal things happen LOL
  13. Rap music annoys me a lot you I can't even understand it
  14. Hello 🙂 

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