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  1. I played only 1 game that is pubg. I am a pubg lover
  2. Our audience willing to know best fantasy esports app with player oriented plan. Help them to find best Dream11 Myteam11
  3. PC game market is down as compare to mobile. today mobile market is on boom due to high internet speed after jio in india. So every gaming company first try to mobile game after that they go on pc to increase their audience. Toady nintendo have the condition to launch their PC version to catch PC customer.
  4. Yes, anyone could be an eSports player. All it needs is a smartphone with a steady internet connection and a will to make huge out of the eSports tournaments organized around the world.
  5. Have you ever thought about building a video game? This is enough to build a video game? The answer is no. It is compulsory to build better video games. Here the terms better define video games - “A game which is more popular than others.” If you are passionate about developing better video games, then you must have known about that - In the real world creation of reality is not possible but in video game development, a game developer/game development company can easily do this by creating ultimate better video games. Nowadays the history of video game development is changed because in video games AR & VR is implemented and AR & VR video game development is getting more popular. Here are the 10 tips for video game development- Market Research & Analysis- If you are planning to create a video game then you have to do your complete research on the game development like the story, development process, scope, business plan, competitors, game uniqueness, market needs, marketing strategy, and the other factors involved in market research. Market research & analysis can be the first step towards your video game development success. Market research & analysis is some of the reasons behind the success of many games because they had done their research in a better way. Those video game development company, plan everything in a perfect way that’s why they are performing better. Story & Gameplay - The second step towards your video game development success can be the story of the game and gameplay. The story should be unique and interesting. All the levels and concepts of the story in a proper way. The heroes of the game or all the characters would have some specialty in the terms of power or anything related to the game. It will create a stronger storyline. Make your story addictive with tasks and try to create excitement and suspense in the game so the player gets attracted to the game. If you have a good story and gameplay then they will enjoy the game and it will be beneficial for you. For example, we have some video games with great storylines & characters- God of war, Red dead redemption, Uncharted- A thief’s story, etc. Perfect Developer/Game development company- Find a well-experienced video game developer, or a well-known game development company for your video game development. Game development companies can build better video games because they have teams for all the needs like designs, sound, developers. A game development company can find early solutions for the development complications. As you know sometimes this is not easy to design characters or graphics, to code and run the game so a team of professionals can do this easily. Find a perfect game engine- There are a few open-source libraries of game engines to develop games. it’s on you, according to your game which game engine you use. These game engines decide the quality of the video game development because of rendering, sounds, visual effects, and the overall development are done by these game engines. Here are some popular game engines those you can choose- Unity Unreal Amazon Lumberyard GameMaker Godot The uses of technology- Technology is one of the most important factors in video game development, new technologies create new experiences for gamers. To make a new video game you can use Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Cloud gaming, etc. are the perfect new technologies that can be beneficial for your new video game development. We have other technologies like Blockchain-based video game app development, Python, Java, C++, etc. User Experience/UI- User experience plays a major role in video game development, User experience attracts people to play the game so beware about User Experience design. User experience is - the ultimate experience of the feedback shared by the player after playing the game. It consists of all the features of game-like heuristic evaluations, paper prototype development, wireframing, Color, and typography, etc. Develop Beta Version/ testing - Beta version is a must for video games because with the help of the beta version you can promote your video games. Apart from that with the help of the beta version, you can easily find out the bugs, glitches, and problems associated with the video game. You can say that the beta version is the perfect way for video game development. Feedback based on Beta Version - After launching the beta version you can get the whole idea about your video game-like bugs, glitches, and other things. If there are any issues this is the responsibility of the video game development company that they solve all glitches and bugs from the game. After this solution, you can plan for the final launch of the game. Budgeting for video game development - It is one of the most important things to plan your budget according to your needs. Without a financial forecast, we can’t go for video game development. Plan your budgets like how much you can invest in development, marketing, or operational cost. Updates & New Versions- After a certain time, people get bored with everything, this is human nature. The same happened with video games, people lost their interest after some time. To overcome this thing you can plan updates & new versions of the game at the perfect period. These updates and versions always put gamers close to your game. One of the best games that update their versions on time- PUBG is known as BGMI in India. PUBG is one of the fastest-growing video games till now. They never lose their audience just because of their features and their proper updates. Conclusion- Humans learn from each other, the same thing is with video game development. You can learn many things from the video games which are currently available. You can find video games that have problems or people do not like those games. You have to avoid silly mistakes which others have already made. You can take suggestions from video game development companies also. Companies had a good experience that might be useful for your game development. If you like this information then stay tuned and updated with us. Moderator Edit: Removed promotional hyperlinks
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