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  1. Banned for banning the forum admin!
  2. Hey @Katri Marcell, summer is going well! Just got back from a vacation in California. Have you gone on any recent vacations/planning upcoming ones?
  3. Crippling depression, lack of a social circle, and people with whom I share no similar interests with
  4. I don't gamble on esports, simply because I don't know enough about the teams, players, and so on. I don't think esports have been around long enough to adequately research spreads and odds. I do however gamble on professional sports.
  5. I got into Warframe a couple weeks ago and can't believe how good it is.
  6. The "Monopoly Gaming Conglomerate," and I would own them all! Bwahahaha! Half-Life 3, new EarthBounds, the original Director's Cut of Superman 64 where the game is actually enjoyable; they will all be mine! Mine I say! Bwahahaha!
  7. Hi everyone. My name is Scott and I'm super excited to be a part of VGR! My genre of games are sports, specifically the NBA 2k and NHL series.
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