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  1. I use Facebook for Messenger as an alternative to texting but don't actually post or otherwise engagement on Facebook. That's it honestly.
  2. Q4 is insanely stacked with releases of Black Ops 4, RDR2, Battlefield 5, and FO76...and others. What games are you most looking forward to? What game(s) are you going to buy/hope are gifted to you for Christmas?
  3. It's inevitable, we will see the PS5 at some point. Hopefully sooner, rather than later. What features would you like to see on PS5? What are your expectations?
  4. This has become an issue since Skyrim I think where the enemies are mostly draugr. Why are devs prioritizing big open worlds and filling it with very little enemy variety? I get that it cost money to make new skeletons/assets but so does creating landmass and new areas. I think we're at the point where open worlds are just too big for their own good. There needs to be a balance between exploring areas and then actually being excited about the mystery of what new enemy type awaits you there. This could also apply to loot. Make sure the loot you get is meaningful but that's for another thread. I think by just having a good amount enemy variety, it could potentially spice up a mediocre combat system. *Cough* Are devs too focused on making their games bigger for the sake of marketing and losing sight of what makes a game fun?
  5. So I randomly decided to get Yakuza 6 cause I remembered it had Takeshi Kitano in it. The only Yakuza I finished was Yakuza 0 when it came out last year. I also have Kiwami and Yakuza 3 on PS3, but I only played those for like an hour. Am I good to jump into 6? How much stuff will I miss out on?
  6. Welcome to VGR, enjoy your stay!
  7. Last of Us when his daughter died was fuckin rough.
  8. Yeah I’ve probably gotten around 20 bucks from just CS
  9. Banned for banning the forum admin!
  10. Hey @Katri Marcell, summer is going well! Just got back from a vacation in California. Have you gone on any recent vacations/planning upcoming ones?
  11. Crippling depression, lack of a social circle, and people with whom I share no similar interests with
  12. I don't gamble on esports, simply because I don't know enough about the teams, players, and so on. I don't think esports have been around long enough to adequately research spreads and odds. I do however gamble on professional sports.
  13. I got into Warframe a couple weeks ago and can't believe how good it is.
  14. The "Monopoly Gaming Conglomerate," and I would own them all! Bwahahaha! Half-Life 3, new EarthBounds, the original Director's Cut of Superman 64 where the game is actually enjoyable; they will all be mine! Mine I say! Bwahahaha!
  15. Hi everyone. My name is Scott and I'm super excited to be a part of VGR! My genre of games are sports, specifically the NBA 2k and NHL series.
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