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  1. Not anyone is going to be an Esports player simply because of the amount of commitment and dedication needed to achieve the goal of becoming a pro. This is more like focusing fully on practicing daily and trying to become better than the rest.
  2. I don't subscribe to the thought of playing free games just to avoid paying for some top games. I pay for some games whenever the reviews are great. When it comes to watching ads, I do it too.
  3. Assuming the device (Mac) can survive the rigours that comes from gaming, I won't mind carrying it anywhere I go.
  4. Things have changed over a period of time. American football has evolved and has more training drills that makes it good as soccer. I like both games and watch whenever I am free.
  5. I still believe that the top leaders in most of these sports especially football are not doing great when it comes to stopping racism in sports. They are mostly concerned with how much they make and that is pathetic, if you ask me because there are growing number of victims of racism on a daily basis.
  6. That's good. I believe Sony did great with marketing to have more of the market share as well. Xbox Series such as Xbox Series S is a great console to own too.
  7. The thing is that the build up for Mac is not meant for heavy gaming. You will always get the device worked out and having one issue or another. No gamer will want that kind of frustration.
  8. China has been that keen to compete seriously in the gaming industry simply because they see most of these games as distractions and not educational. Japan is doing well to get more market share though.
  9. Feedbacks from users of the Beta version is very important when we are talking about building a good game. Although not all gamers will feel satisfied at the end of the day, I still believe that those feedbacks will help a great deal.
  10. I've played the The cruel king and the great hero and it's a lovely game. You will enjoy playing this type of game as long as you played FF too.
  11. Fighting games are also good as long as you don't get carried away feeling you are not getting in the action. This is the reason Phantom Breaker is good when you wish to test some fist or weapon fighting.
  12. I play on PS4 and it has the feature that guides you towards knowing how long you will have to play to complete a mission. Such guides are wonderful since it tells you what time it will take you to complete each phase.
  13. Silent Hill 4 might be difficult for a lot of gamers, but I still believe that it is one of the best when you are looking at a game that will get you working harder than you should he too.
  14. I don't think making more money by releasing exclusive games by Sony will mean things getting worse for them. They are one of the biggest players in the gaming industry and it will take a while for a serious competitor to come up.
  15. The year has just begun and I think lots of game, Last of Us 2 being part, will be released this year. The covid issues seems to be dying down and majority of developers will use this period to penetrate the market better.
  16. The Lost Ark for me still remains one of the best games this year. Great graphic designs and some storyline that will keep you intrigued to play for a longer period of time.
  17. GTA IV wasn't that easily accessible at the point of release because the online server couldn't process all the request of players logging onto the server. This was later sorted out, but at that point, it wasn't easy for everyone.
  18. Super Mario World and Road rash are the games that I think passes the test of time. You can still play them any day and have that feeling that you are playing a game that has the quality of gameplay and proper graphics.
  19. Whenever I experience a bug or glitch on a game that I am playing and couldn't work my way around it, I simply wait for a patch (update) and try again later. This is because trying to find a way around it could be frustrating as well.
  20. I don't think this is right to say. I play free games sometimes and it is because those games are top games that can be played for free too. Once a free game is of top quality, I will definitely play.
  21. There are still legit social media handles that advertises items that are legit. However, I use the price as a measure to how whether what they are advertising is real or not.
  22. While this is going to be a plus for PC gamers, don't you think more people will prefer playing on PC since the need for consoles will reduce drastically.
  23. Most of my friends here also like playing on Playstation consoles since they have most of the popular games too. This is not disputing the fact that Xbox consoles are great too since I got one too.
  24. There is always going to be toxic gamers as we also have some fans on other sports that use hateful speeches when the emotions are high.
  25. They might be working towards ensuring that they protect the citizens from some kind of controlled manipulation by the West. Most of the gaming companies that were banned must have gone against some regulations in the country and still continued even when they were warned.
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