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  1. Are you trying to say that they do this intentionally? Well, I can't say since I am not in their mind, but every developer ought to work to make the game quite exciting.
  2. You should check out most of their games as they are top on the list when it comes to building games. You will be glad you did!
  3. Hahaha! Sony has made a lot of money off gamers in the past 24 years or so and they are not stopping yet. These new packages are all set out to take money off the people too.
  4. I kinda agree that what we set out to do is what is going to determine the type of device to use. If one is a designer that has a lot of jobs to handle, then getting some of those devices is nothing to compare since you will be getting paid for job done.
  5. Every company that is out to make money may have to do what it takes when the pressures is too high. This is why you will read that a big company like Google are selling users' data.
  6. The AI has been improved a lot that you can now do certain things and the next ads is about what you just finished doing. So, there is always that understanding that most of our activities are being monitored.
  7. It's crazy out there, just like I said before, and being careful when out there is a key part of what you should be looking at. I wouldn't want a situation where one gets hit because they ain't minding their business.
  8. You are correct because most of those gaming laptops are built in a way that they get through the rigorous process of standing firms whenever gaming is done.
  9. I haven't tried it since James, a friend, told me that he got really frustrated with connectivity when he wanted to check them out. Did you get any solutions to the issue?
  10. I've heard a lot about Bound by Flame, but haven't had time to play it. Its few weeks before I finish some official assignments. Then, it's gaming all through.
  11. I am talking about professional streamers that got all at stake in terms of gathering data that they need for their work. They have got to use the best devices that they can use to stream those games.
  12. That is what I like with fast learners. I have mentored some friends in Call of Duty and GTA IV and the way they picked up to play better impressed me.
  13. Then what do those cheaters gain by trying to shortchange the system. That is more like throwing away all the efforts they have made in the game into the wind.
  14. Some emotions are stupid in nature. Do I really care about the safety of everyone? I do, but there are viewers of wrestling events that won't listen to instructions on safety till they hurt themselves.
  15. That's correct and the only difference is that the screen of the TV could be bigger than that of the PC. Well, it may not matter, if you've got one of those best PC around.
  16. You did the right thing considering the anger that is all around the world now. Some are buying some of the old versions of consoles since the newer ones are quite expensive and out of their budget.
  17. I can handle the soft music especially when I sleep. The loud ones are not really cool with me unless when I am out there partying with friends.
  18. I hope you didn't hurt him?! Those kind of moves are never good to be done at home. Even when you think you have put safety measures in place, you also need to keep your head calm and not try it.
  19. It could be that the person doesn't know how to look for such information. It could also be that they did their best and still couldn't find the information that they are digging up.
  20. I understand that it is important for some to move out daily, but for others, there is no big deal as long as they have access to food and their gaming device at home.
  21. They were the best till they start making the gamers that likes their consoles feel angry with the unavailability of the Playstation 5. I don't know how that is going to end yet.
  22. Oh! If it is about the kids, just know that they are going to keep doing what they want and won't care how anyone feels about it. Even movies can influence kids to an extent too.
  23. This is to say that you learnt how to brag from your favorite of all time (GOAT), Ronaldo? He has the hunger to keep doing well and always brag about it.
  24. This is an issue that I think the manufacturers of those PC controllers should take a deep look into. When there is complaints like this, other gamers will prefer playing on the consoles.
  25. Yup, that's how to do it. The progress is always measured by how a particular game is able to stand the test of time and not be dislodged by new games coming out.
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