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  1. Maybe they did a mistake with the way they planned the release. I've read situations where the data collected didn't align with what it should be for the gamers.
  2. That is something I like a lot about the Chinese companies as they did a lot in ensuring that most of these essential products can be bought in the market at an affordable price.
  3. I've got no issues with sleeping off whenever I feel like. So, getting any app is not really what I want. Why not exercise at night before bedtime and check for changes?
  4. Some skillful players and those that are ready to do everything to win are joining up in League of Legends. So, unless you play the simple games, you will find it difficult progressing.
  5. Knight Barida

    Virtua Cop

    I wouldn't want to check out most of those old games because of the graphics quality.
  6. That's impressive. That shows that with good planning, one wouldn't have to worry much about refilling the energy of those players.
  7. Most of those platforms favors the old accounts as that is what they usually check before giving jobs. It will always take time to be known over there.
  8. Got a friend that we named as "made for the controller" because he is used to using controllers to play games that he doesn't want to stress himself on using keyboard or mouse.
  9. Get time and play the real game. You won't regret doing so.
  10. Is this same for most games that has this type of players that requires rest to perform or just for some of them?
  11. More ladies play Candy Crush as that is one of those games that they don't joke with too.
  12. Is that going to be sustainable? That is the question to ask when asking gamers to pay for everything.
  13. Adults can smash a controller all because they believe they can afford a new one.
  14. The Mario games will surely keep any gamer glued to their gaming device for long.
  15. Good decision I must say. @Empirehas been a great buddy on VGR and should be placed there.
  16. I think you can be able to play it on most devices as long as the Storage is great.
  17. Little nightmares is a game that can even make you feel like it's 3D based. Do you know if the developers are working on getting it to 3D?
  18. I can rest with the hope the gaming system is doing everything to keep my players well rested too. I like such games.
  19. In our hood, some kids and even adults, I do play sometimes, play the Playstation 2. It's one of those consoles that was well welcomed by the gaming community.
  20. Getting them offline is even cheaper sometimes since you can try to push for a bargain too.
  21. I agree with @Bobleethat the game ain't worth it. You get to put your time into playing a particular game and still got no pleasure out of it.
  22. Once a case is made that the product got damaged because of carelessness. Then, warranty incentive will be taken away. That is how most of those warranties work.
  23. Nice game! I played it yesterday and it was fun.
  24. That's true! Once a game is trash, it is always difficult for such to bounce back to what it should be.
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