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  1. Knight Barida

    Virtua Cop

    These things are okay to be requested of for new gaming consoles. Sega did their part and that is quite cool which you should accept too.
  2. Samsung devices still remain the best for me. If you are the type of person that can maintain devices well, then spending more to get a Samsung phone is good.
  3. Data science has evolved so far that even the words we say can be put into consideration when they run the ads on our most visited websites.
  4. That is women for you. I've met a female friend that just likes the music used in the game and you begin to wonder how???
  5. When the heat is much, I believe that these guys (the game developers) will want to appease the players. So, a better version will be out to correct the past mistakes.
  6. That's absolutely correct. The thing with American products is that you get the quality of what you pay for.
  7. I think the admins will work out the top 3 or 4 that have been nominated and put them out to be voted for. I doubt everyone that has been nominated will make the final cut.
  8. To an extent, it is down to how one can control their emotions. When folks play games putting in all the energies in them, be sure to expect something like this.
  9. Then it is going to look a bit boring to you at the moment. Nice feat unlocking most of those characters.
  10. You are correct, but in some cases, I also like getting my American products since they are top class materials.
  11. Then you can give it a try. A mobile device that has up to 64Gb Rom should handle some big games unless on few occasions.
  12. Most online shopping stores will delay because of logistics. The thing with logistics is that they always want to deliver in bulk too.
  13. The amount of money that is going to be involved should make me feel comfortable at the end of the day. Not going to trade for less.
  14. Knight Barida

    Virtua Cop

    That's your choice and I totally respect you for that! I still like Sega games and will play whenever I want to.
  15. I see healthy competitions here. There is still a period for voting. So, what is the big deal with making nominations of worthy members?
  16. It should run some games especially when the processor is part of the newer versions too.
  17. There are still gamers that can't get the Playstation 4 or even 3. They have to feel happy playing the one they can play.
  18. Are you trying to say that getting it online is cheaper than buying offline? I've visited offline stores sometimes and got better deals.
  19. Playing quality games should always be the target. I don't think I will waste my time playing boring games unless I am being paid for it.
  20. Exactly the point that I am trying to make too. If you look closely, gamers complain less when the game is free.
  21. Free games eat time too. So, I believe no true game player would want to waste time playing useless games even if they are not paying for it.
  22. How they get to know who is giving the data is another thing. Although, I have heard about some of these developers doing that trash intentionally.
  23. That is what it is supposed to be. I have also seen where these guys want to make issues too. So, being a vendor, you should be careful too.
  24. Some games are free, so I wouldn't want to talk about money when it comes to such type of game too.
  25. Getting a proper review will definitely give you the basic information that you need to play some games. The time wasted won't be regained, if you decide to do otherwise.
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