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  1. Video games should be played to feel relaxed, at home and to be happy. Whether video games can help older people to get out of depression cannot be determined exclusively since depression in older people is quite different from what younger ones experience. I play games just to enjoy the moment and maybe solve boredom issues. That is not depression, if you ask me.
  2. This is lovely! That's gonna be my pick when I am asked to make a choice because of how cool that it is.
  3. You've made great moves with security on the internet especially by adding a number as backup. The reason some lose their accounts is because they didn't backup the proper way.
  4. If they don't put the work that is required in most of these games, then the blame is entirely theirs. I wouldn't want to say that they are lazy, but such attitudes shows laziness.
  5. Are you saying that some top laptops don't have the battery capacity that can last for more than 2 hours? It is okay to say that the time they stay up can reduce with days, but it is not down to 30 minutes.
  6. Addiction to gaming most times don't end well. There is need for moderation no matter how awesome you may find playing that kind of game.
  7. I am learning how these things are done. I hope to understand better how it is done as the days go by. I sincerely appreciate everyone that helped to put me through.
  8. Hahaha! I honestly can believe that some gamers quit because of this. I mean this is just a music that you can put off and focus on playing the game that you want to enjoy.
  9. Meditation is good, but why not try yoga? Yoga is an exercise that assist you to control your mind especially when a difficult moment is before you and you need to act.
  10. Sometimes, I begin to believe that Apple is elite. I have done this research before and realized that most of their devices can be bought by those with some restricted budgets.
  11. I don't how it was being done in the past, but I didn't read where the main post said that there is limited number of nominations one can do.
  12. Agression and showing some signs of losing temper is welcome by me when it comes to gaming. Just don't destroy the TV please...lol.
  13. I played a game named Top Eleven a while back and while it is one game that many play, they still get things wrong almost every season. Managers rant and still play the game at the end of the day.
  14. You can buy the screen protector when you buy your Samsung phones. It is a device that you should handle with all carefulness that is needed.
  15. Goodluck to him! Data science is a very difficult skill to learn because you will have to face more of analytical challenges as a newbie too.
  16. Assembling some of the American products outside the American soil is different because they are looking at having a basic standard. You can't compare with purely products made on China.
  17. That's not the point. I have seen some gamers that have different Sony consoles, but still like playing on the Playstation 2 when they want to play.
  18. Avoiding some issues is also good because when you start tracking such matter, you will end up spending more time and resources doing so.
  19. If you are planning to buy a laptop, then you have a good reason not to get another phone. The laptop will handle things that some mobile devices will struggle to do.
  20. The reason most of the companies that want to run ads go to the biggest companies like Google is because they believe money spent will be worth it.
  21. EA FIFA will always be played even when it is not up to the standard that gamers want. Football gamers can take anything and hope the next version will be better.
  22. Chinese products are always cheaper because of the labor market that they have. The cost of production is always cheaper and we shouldn't compare with places that the cost of production is higher.
  23. When it comes to lagging, check out the whole data requirement of the game that you are doing too. This should help you understand what you are doing and what you shouldn't do too.
  24. Anyone buying online has to understand that and exercise patience when there is delay. I see no issues with waiting for a while to get the products you paid for.
  25. If the money involved means that I am going to play, why won't I do so? Life has gone beyond passion and doing the legit things that should give us money. That is what I normally focus on.
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