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  1. Nowadays, I buy the digital copy. That's kinda enough for me. I don't even have disk tool in my computer 😛
  2. Yeah, you can tell with the "Train Simulator", where the game costs around 30€, and their DLC's around 5.000€ hahaha!
  3. o-o

    Last Game Played

    Oh yeah? Are you playing Faceit for some reason? What's your rank? 😛
  4. I love the guy who does Deckar Cain in Diablo series. But I do not honestly know who is the "voice actor".
  5. Oh, really? Fortnite developers are the same as Unreal Tournament?
  6. It's awesome. Start by playing Diablo II and Diablo III to catch up the history. I really love it!
  7. Dish, I'll probably gonna move to Australia, you guys earn x3 my salary! That's crazy 😛
  8. o-o


    I usually give them the Drivers ID, so they automatically know I'm over 18 haha.
  9. Anually? The most you can earn anually as train driver is around ~40.000€ (public train service) Note: where do you live? I wanna earn that amount 😛
  10. Mine is Diablo, or Baal if you may from Diablo II game.
  11. Lol! haha. I didn't mean that. I just thought it was a joke (I do not play Fortnite at all :P)
  12. Wow, UT 2004. Unreal Tournament (the first one) "Game of the Year" is a classic which is used to play a lot! Love it!
  13. o-o

    Your football team?

    Mine is F.C Barcelona!
  14. When I played football, I prefered to play over watching. It is way funnier 🙂
  15. Hey. I was thinking about the utility of our coins (the points we earn for posting). Maybe VGR could design a kind of shop where you can buy different things: · A lottery where you pay for tickets and you receive if you get the number · Maybe change your username vs points · Maybe change your username color vs points · Getting a title / rank for points Also, with this you could do contests (weekly, or whatever) where we can get some coins free and encourage people to become active. What do you think?
  16. What kind of music do you listen to?
  17. o-o

    Ask Alyxx

    What kind of music do you listen to?
  18. o-o

    Ask o-o

    Ask me anything! let's go!
  19. Indeed. It surprises me that it happens to every game who is unique in its scene. When H1Z1 was the only battleroyale game, they stopped listening to the community nor updating it. Once PUBG came out, they started to work it out --- but it was late...
  20. o-o


    On my computer, I usually hear them in YouTube.
  21. I'm kinda fan of Eminem, so must go for: When I'm gone - Eminem No love - Eminem ft lil wayne Now, more "recent" music would be Alan Walker for sure into this two songs: Faded - Alan Walker Darkside - Alan Walker (awesome!)
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