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  1. As far as I could tell, it looks really good. Hoping my cousin buys it so I can actually play!
  2. Monster Hunter looks pretty awesome. And hope to see next year Diablo in mobile gaming haahah
  3. Stop your heart right away. Coffee.
  4. o-o

    Hulu or Netflix?

    Never heard of Hulu. I'm really happy with Netflix though.
  5. Well, I have to add up that the Diablo's fan base is the worst around. Even though we expected other things, the mobile game is not bad at all; I am sure they are working on something else, but not ready yet to show us.
  6. o-o


    Welcome to VGR The Black Angel!
  7. Thanks for sharing your opinions! 🙂
  8. Usually once a week. Sometimes even more!
  9. o-o

    Your username.

    o-o is just a kind of emoticon (o.o) like you are surprised. Not a big deal to be honest hehe.
  10. I hate when people talk when they are eating.
  11. I like Winter. Here in Spain (north of Spain) is really rainy. However, as you are fro Hawaii, I always wanted to go there because of the weather. But that's because we can't enjoy the summer here 😛
  12. o-o

    Blog or Forum?

    Forum always. You have more tools in a forum to interact with, and to enjoy your estance.
  13. Thing is they are looking for young people with experience; and that's incompatible at some point in the life.
  14. I don't. Never did, even at highschool. I guess I wasn't that kind of person 😧
  15. Yes, why not? If it was a job and in some way you did something, you should add it.
  16. You stop being a kid when you start your work life. So, unfortunately, I highly doubt that with 18 years old you would make it your own life, without any income from your family.
  17. I think he'll be surprised and proud to be honest 😛
  18. o-o

    Black Friday

    Hopefully, if Amazon has some worth offers, I will be buying something.
  19. I really like to be either at home watching Netflix or TV, or going to a big mall and spend the day there.
  20. I do not celebrate thanksgiving to be honest. Not in Spain at least.
  21. I'm with strato. It provided a good quality servers and an awesome pricing. Bad thing is I think they closed the US service. Still its the best european hosting site I've found.
  22. To be honest I never left a job. This is my first job quite yet, and I'm really happy on it.
  23. 1'45€ / L as of now. Really expensive, to be honest. I remember when it was at 0.80€/L and even less!
  24. We usually go together to our grandfather's house, and we have a big dinner and we sleep until Christmas day!
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