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  1. o-o

    Christmas decor

    I do not. I actually love Christmas, I don't mind having it a bit earlier 😛 (Still, in my town I guess it'll be from 1st December).
  2. o-o

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Coke without any doubt!
  3. Nope I do not. I only watch some ESL games of CSGO when they stream it there.
  4. I absolutely agree with The Last Of Us. It's awesome!
  5. o-o


    Thanks for the input! 🙂
  6. 10 days left of deal guys! Be fast! Thanks for sharing
  7. o-o


    Happy Thanksgiving! Even though we do not celebrate it in Spain!
  8. o-o

    Native language

    My native is spanish. It took me all the primary school/ high school to learn English kinda of properly.
  9. o-o

    Anyone else skateboard?

    I used to about 6 years ago, but left it.
  10. I went to Linkin Park when they came to Madrid long time ago
  11. Just cleaned it now. Let's see in how many years i will do it again haha
  12. Wow, that's a pretty awesome deal, thank you!
  13. And other planets as well!
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