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  1. Great deal, thank you for sharing Dylan!
  2. Wow, and it's not Black Friday yet, dish! nice one!
  3. It's an awesome game for sure! I own Shadow of Mordor in PC, and it's really awesome! I can only tell you, Shadow of War has an increible graphics. Highly recommended. Thanks for the deal!
  4. I have high expectations to be honest; I really want to play a game on mobile that enjoys me for a long time! Of course, Blizzard is a profit company, they expect to get a lot of money with the game indeed 🙂
  5. Same goes for me; I do not own one quite yet, and if I find something hot I might just buy it
  6. o-o

    Last Game Played

    Last game I played today was PUBG few minutes ago 🙂
  7. Hoping for some Steam offers and catch something awesome.
  8. I used to love Tony Hawk as well when I played PS2. But yeah, it's probably old-fashioned already, no skate games around 😛
  9. I really hope Diablo Immortal will be pretty decent.
  10. Used to be football. But now it is Basketball.
  11. I must agree with you. That's a shame. I'd exctly do what you just said.
  12. o-o

    Ask Alyxx

    That's nice! Do you have a job, or are you studying?
  13. That is nice! Do you have a job? Or studying?
  14. o-o

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the Forum community! 😉
  15. Welcome to VGR! 🙂
  16. Welcome to VGR! 🙂
  17. Haha, those are really good. Before you pick that one up, hope you have a 4K Screen!
  18. I'm hoping for some awesome European deals 😛
  19. The Esports are getting many changes in every team every 6 month practically 😛
  20. Great deal! Just 1.3 pounds! Thanks for sharing, gonna check some videos before 🙂
  21. You could try out Diablo Immortal once its launched 😛 you don't need to be "Diablo-like" when its actually gonna be released itself!
  22. Mine is easy: M4A1-S over the rest!
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