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  1. At the first of December most likely!
  2. o-o

    Are forums dead?

    I do not think so; however, the traffic is now smaller. We should do something to incentive people to come back in forums; it's a really good social tool.
  3. I speak English, and Spanish. Nothing else as of now 😛
  4. o-o


    Nope I do not. It's curious, because I like how the tattoos are in other people's skins, but I'd never do one myself.
  5. Lol, did you really? What hve you done! I never was arrested, and hope to never be.
  6. Wow, tough question. I'll probably go with my voice, since I need to hear what's happening around; it'd be really annoying to not be able to watch a movie at the cinema, or whatever lol 😛
  7. I should go early. Only if I finish my job late (around 00:00) I can go to sleep more late, but as a normal day, I could be sleeping at 23:00
  8. As I'm not from the US, I did not; however I will have to vote in two years in the General Elections of my country!
  9. Haha, they recommend to drink around 2L of water. I usually drink the half of that or even less!
  10. I don't like to take naps. As I work on shifts, if I take naps it's quite dangerous to not sleep well at night. It really depends on the day.
  11. Depends; when I go to work, as I'm in shifts I can wake up really early. In "holidays" I should be up around 9 AM.
  12. o-o


    Yes I do; the most important thing would be to pay the house things (water, gas, internet) and to feed myself.
  13. My favourite meal is breakfast, and after that dinner. I do not really like the lunch-time, as I'm always in a big rush for doing things.
  14. I'll probably be still working where I am now, and most likely in the same city.
  15. I never had a distance relationship; The ones I had were from the same town, or close one.
  16. I'm kinda the oposite than you; I do not like to wash clothes, while I do not mind washing the dishes 🙂
  17. I usually clean my car once a month; the weather in my city is kinda bad, and it makes my car being dirty quite often.
  18. Yes I always wear a watch. Currently a Tommy Hilfiger one 🙂
  19. Yeah. And I think we could also expect a Diablo II remasterization as well. We only need to give them time. Too bad the Diablo community seems to be raging them a lot, and pushing them hard. I'm sure at some point they will "surprise" us.
  20. Don't be. I am almost sure that Blizzard is doing more works for Diablo; not because they did not announce it means they are doing nothing! 🙂
  21. Thank you for sharing Dylan! Great deal.
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