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  1. I couldn't agree more, that they have a few problems to solve before they start making too many promises.. I've been watching his spacex program pretty closely lately.. Kinda scratching my head over the race between Branson and Musk
  2. Milestone... I'm over fifty.. hahaha I'm not big on birthdays..
  3. Post count 17, but I'm new...
  4. Doing alright, waiting for winter..
  5. Love the freedom of living alone. And having myself to blame for messes and a dirty house.
  6. Disappointed , I would say.. I never thought I would have so much distrust in our business community in this country and world wide.
  7. Haven't ever been much of a gamer, trying it now.. Did have a super Nintendo years ago. Didn't really have enuff time.
  8. I haven't gone looking for it, I'll stick regular voyeurism when it comes to sex.. Like normal people..
  9. I guess I would say a grey area. Much like life...
  10. Hello my name is monty and new to gaming.. Older then normal so please bare with me. Just bought xbox 1 on ebay and ghost recon.. Friends boy was playing it and it looked like a blas.. Thanks
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