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  1. 170 and 166 got missed earlier so there you have it... 🙂
  2. I've watched Maddow before , I'll check out the Humanist report.. I'll switch between CNN and NBC
  3. Lights off.. around the clock for the most part.
  4. What's your news media of choice ? I don't follow that close anymore..
  5. I payed full price for Ghost recon breakpoint, 2 years ago, mainly to have full access . I like the game ,but it got poor reviews. It has had some updates. I don't I would pay full price for every game I bought.
  6. I don't, but only play a few games and have a FB account but don't really use that much, not like some people I know.
  7. That would be a real pain to go anywhere or plan anything.
  8. Not sure we will ever be in the clear when it comes to the flu..
  9. So can you have the TV on or is your place completely dark ?
  10. Will you where a mask in the future , even after getting vaxx ?
  11. I know they're a lot of numbers thrown around. Hard to trust some sources.
  12. Interesting stats, what source did you use for these?
  13. And please everyone chime in with examples of where we can go from here.
  14. What examples of prosperity, progress and improvement would you like to see ?
  15. I'll watch walk through for entertainment and info.. I'm not very good at gaming , so I enjoy watching the experts at work..
  16. My last 3 have been LG and I have no complaints.
  17. What is the number 1 thing you would change about the republican party if you could ?
  18. No I haven't and haven't considered it. I can wait til things settle down.
  19. Plus when I have ice cream I'll make a gigantic bowl , the size you could bathe in..lol
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