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  1. I agree - we've seen gaming companies use fake gameplay trailers before and when the real game came out, it wasn't anything like what was shown during the announcement or promotion of said videogame.
  2. I haven't done it before. There has been a few games that I thought about getting rid of but I still have them although I don't play them.
  3. Agreed. Most of the games I've seen go for $70 aren't even worth half their price. They're usually filled with all kinds of gimmicky mechanics, lootboxes and half-ass DLC content.
  4. I love how all these parents love blaming everyone else for their kid turning out horribly when most times, those said parents don't even pay any attention to their child or try to get to know them. You'd be surprised how many parents don't know much outside of the basics about their own kids. Thousands of us have played Call Of Duty over the years. How come we're not school shooters as well? Because most of us know that Call Of Duty is just a videogame - a source of entertainment.
  5. Not in a million years. $1m on a skin?! There are so many other things I can think of that I could spend 1m on.
  6. Most of these are coming out this year or sometime next year: Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Mecha Break Gears Of War E-Day Phantom Blade Black Myth Wukong
  7. I have a few especially in multiplayer - toxic players/tryhards/grievers/modders etc. who all make the gaming experience terrible for others. Games with limited character creation options, has multiple "Editions". Games that need day one patches to even be operational.
  8. Not really. However, there are games that have helped me to keep my memory, analytical and coordination skills sharp.
  9. Not in a million years. With the current state of mobile gaming in general, I'd never do it. If you think the microtransaction systems on regular videogames are bad, mobile gaming is a cesspool compared to regular video games.
  10. Ironically, on my first playthrough, I'll watch most of the cutscenes but on replays, I tend to skip them except if they are unskippable.
  11. I was going through my Steam Library and playing some the games I've not touched since I bought them and I was playing Pro Cycling Manager 2020. I'm still trying to remember how even got that game in the first place. It's alright I guess but it's not quite my thing.
  12. That's the more human element of him and it's not being able to kill, he chooses not to. Batman literally bodied the entire Justice League once. He knows everyone's weakness and has counter measures in place to deal with any hero that oversteps their authority.
  13. Here's an update: It's coming out in October and we got a lot of exclusive demo gameplay.
  14. It's about time we got a prequel to the events that started it all. I'm not going to lie, a few seconds into the presentation, I knew they were showing Gears Of Wars.
  15. I just got it the other day and it's not bad at all. The game is very fluent.
  16. I knew this was going to happen. Once I saw Man United dragging their feet with sacking Ten Hag, I knew he was staying.
  17. Nice. Is that your favorite artist?
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