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  1. This is the best diss record I've heard in YEARS and it's from an RnB artist, lol. What is 2024.
  2. I know many animation movies that are for mature audiences. Hell and Back is definitely not for kids and then there's Mary and Max - I can't even watch these in public.
  3. YGOPRO - was trying to come up with a crazy deck that I could use in Master Duel when a certain set is released later this year. These new cards is going to make Dragon Link a Tier 1 deck again. It could even be Tier 0.
  4. Hey everyone! Have you ever come across gatekeeping in gaming communities? Whether it's dismissing newcomers, questioning someone's gamer credentials, or excluding certain groups, tell us some of your experiences. Let's discuss how gatekeeping affects our enjoyment of gaming and what we can do to create more inclusive spaces.
  5. Hey everyone! Have you ever donned a costume to become your favorite video game character? Share your cosplay adventures and let's dive into the realm where reality meets gaming fantasy! Which character did you choose? How did you create your costume? Any memorable moments from your cosplay experience?
  6. Which game, in your opinion, nails world-building like no other? Whether it's the lore, environment, or intricate details, what game immerses you the most into its world? Share your picks and why you think they stand out! Let's see if we can uncover some hidden gems or revisit classics.
  7. When life gets stressful, we all have that one game we turn to for some much-needed relaxation. Whether it's soothing music, beautiful scenery, or just simple gameplay, what's your go-to game for unwinding? Share your favorite titles and why they help you relax.
  8. If you had the chance to swap bodies with any sports celebrity in the world for a day, who would you pick and why? Would you want to experience their athleticism, their lifestyle, or maybe just see the world through their eyes?
  9. If you could snag a dinner with any sports celeb, past or present, who would you pick? Whether it's to talk strategy, hear epic stories, or just share a meal, I'm curious to know your top pick and why!
  10. Do you thrive on the intensity of solo sports like tennis or the camaraderie of team sports like soccer? Share your thoughts on whether you prefer the focus of solo competition or the dynamic energy of teamwork.
  11. If you had to choose between climbing Mount Everest or diving into the depths of the ocean, which adrenaline-pumping adventure would you go for? Are you more drawn to the towering heights and icy challenges of Everest, or does the mysterious allure of the deep sea call to you?
  12. I think Arsenal's main problem is quality squad depth. You can clearly see that most of their main players look really tired having to play nearly every game and they play a high-intensity brand of football so it takes a toll over the season. Arsenal's first team starters are quality but they don't have the quality in depth like Man City does. Pep can rotate his starting 11 and won't suffer a significant dropoff. Arsenal on the other hand, only has Trossard, Tomiyasu, Jorginho and a fit Thomas Partey to call upon. The rest are either mediocre or are consistently injured.
  13. Hey everyone! Just curious, would you ever consider going head-to-head with a bull in the ring? Some might see it as an adrenaline rush, while others might think it's too risky. Let's hear your thoughts! Would you do it for the thrill, or is it a hard pass?
  14. Scams are everywhere, and sometimes they catch us off guard. Have you ever fallen for one? Share your experiences here! Whether it's a phishing email, a too-good-to-be-true offer, or anything else, let's swap cautionary tales and help each other stay vigilant.
  15. We all have that one story, the one that's a hidden gem in our memory vaults, waiting for the perfect moment to shine. Whether it's hilarious, heartwarming, or downright bizarre, what's the tale you hardly ever get a chance to tell but absolutely love when you do?
  16. What's that one simple pleasure that never fails to put a smile on your face? Whether it's sipping on a hot cup of tea, feeling the warmth of sunlight on your skin, or listening to the sound of rain. Let us know which one it is and why.
  17. What's that one concept that leaves you scratching your head, no matter how many times you've tried to wrap your mind around it? From quantum mechanics to existential philosophy, share the enigma that keeps you up at night.
  18. Hey everyone! Imagine this: unlimited free meals for life at any fast food chain of your choice. Sounds like a dream, right? But here's the catch - you can only pick one chain. Which would you choose and why? Would it be the classic taste of McDonald's, the Tex-Mex goodness of Taco Bell, or perhaps the healthier options at Subway? Share your ultimate pick and let's discuss the reasons behind our choices!
  19. People are always on Twitter complaining about the most minute of things but I don't see why this is such a big deal. Granted, some people may have liked their original Avatar design and didn't want to change it but these things happen at times.
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