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  1. Stress can be overwhelming, whether it's at work, home, or in our personal lives. How do you manage when the pressure starts to build? Whether it's meditation, exercise, a favorite hobby, or something entirely unique, your tips could be just what someone else needs to hear right now.
  2. What's that one food that always has you weak in the knees? Is it the comforting warmth of pizza on a rainy day or the tantalizing sweetness of chocolate when stress kicks in?
  3. Hey everyone! Let's talk bling! Whether it's the timeless elegance of a diamond, the vibrant hues of a sapphire, or the mystical allure of an opal, we all have our favorite gemstone. Share yours and tell us why it holds a special place in your heart.
  4. It's something that's been slowly making its way into the gaming industry. Look at the "outrage" to Stellar Blade - I'm just hoping they don't listen to the vocal minority and continue with what made them successful.
  5. Hey everyone. If you could design your perfect home, what would it look like? From the architecture to the interior decor, share every intricate detail that makes your dream house unique. Whether it's a cozy cabin nestled in the woods or a sleek modern mansion overlooking the city, let your imagination run wild! Bonus points for including specific features or amenities that would make your dream home truly special.
  6. Too late - they messed up the game by introducing multiverses so there's a whole lot of timeline paradoxes and other stuff that it'd take a whole thread to explain.
  7. Better late than never I'd say. Have you gotten any other games for your PS5?
  8. It's something most adults are supposed to know how to do. Unfortunately, there are some people who just don't get it.
  9. Yeah but I hope they don't try to censor it too much with all the political correctedness and ruining the game. Grand Theft Auto has always been full of controversial stuff and they shouldn't stray far from it.
  10. It depends on the time of the year. During the winter months, I have on both. During warmer months, it's just my slippers.
  11. That's so tragic, mate - I'm sorry to hear that. How's your family dealing with it?
  12. Let's see - I bought gas for my car with cash the other day. Nowadays, I tend to use my credit card for almost everything but I make sure I have the funds to afford what I want so that I don't get stuck with interest charges on credit card debt.
  13. Does donkey count? It's just that it'd take forever to get to where I want to go so that'd be the worst for me. Otherwise, I don't mind any other forms of transport.
  14. That sounds interesting especially with the release of things like the Fallout series and Last Of Us with lots of success, this might get people into the Horizon games. Just look what Cyberpunk Edgerunners did for the Cyberpunk 2077. I can't wait to see it.
  15. Had some fun with friends on Rocket League and Content Warning. Content Warning made me realize that maybe I'm not cut out for the YouTube/social media content creator thing lol.
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