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  1. My mom used to say I was trying to eat her out of house and home and she couldn't afford to feed me because one month of groceries is done in one week.
  2. Fortune. Fame brings lots of fake people who don't contribute anything positive to your life.
  3. Neither. Most influencers are immoral and on the payroll of companies to push whatever agenda they want. In addition to that, I like my privacy and don't like being in the public eye all the time. Politicians are ten times worse, they'll do or say anything to stay in power. They usually screw over a lot of people to get to where they are as well.
  4. Intelligence. Looks tend to fade with age and I can't be bothered to deal with someone whose dumber than a potato. I don't want to lose a braincell trying to communicate with my partner.
  5. I went to Cuba for vacation after my grandpa's funeral last year. I don't mind flying by plane - I'm just worried of flying on Boeing planes nowadays. If you know you know.
  6. Yes. I do them every day. On average I do 5-10 for an hour every day. It helps me to learn new words and also helps me with my memory.
  7. Mine is ginger. I add it in almost everything. I put it in my Irish Moss juices and use it when I'm cooking Chicken or Rice and Peas.
  8. I usually always carry my own towels when going to hotels because you never know if the towels are truly clean. I've heard of people getting crabs from using hotel towels.
  9. That sucks. How long will your lung take to heal?
  10. I'm glad that Mech combat games are making somewhat of a comeback. I just hope it's comparably as good as Armored Core VI.
  11. I agree. Then again, Common sense seem to be absent from major gaming company's decisions nowadays. I mean, Bethesda just announced a Starfield quest which cost $7. I'm still in disbelief that anyone would be this stupid. Most people aren't going to pay for that.
  12. There were some good games announced. Mecha Break is the one I liked in particular - the mechs can transform between vehicle and mech. The Mech combat was very fluent in the trailer.
  13. I wasn't surprised that Konami disappointed everyone again. As I and others have been saying for years, Konami is the definition of failure - I'm surprised they didn't announce a new Pachinko machine. That's one of the main things they seem interested in.
  14. Not really surprised. Most of the major gaming media outlets are in the pockets of the major gaming companies so they have to do it. IGN aren't really honest.
  15. Honestly, when the trailer was showing during the Summer Game Show, I honestly thought it was Gundam game but it's a mech combat lookalike. From what had been shown in the trailer, these mechs can transform from vehicle to mech and back. It's full time Mech Combat games make a return. What do you think about it?
  16. Ghosts of Tsushima on my PS5. It's such a fantastic game.
  17. Hancock (2008) - 8.5/10
  18. I'd say 80's rock songs. There were some crazy songs that dropped during that time like A Flock Of Seagulls - I ran. One of my favorite rock songs of all time.
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