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  1. What are your favorite hobbies?
  2. Rey

    Ask Rey

    I am ready for all and every question you may have for me.
  3. I don’t think any game compare to it except maybe silent hill
  4. More emojis , signature, raffle to win cash, member of the month, just some I can think of easily.
  5. Rey

    Sports injuries.

    Some never make it back unfortunately
  6. Rey

    Sports injuries.

    Yeah because it’s hurts and the road back is difficult.
  7. There are like 7 games dating back to play station 1 and they have a few movies.
  8. Have you never played Resident evil ?
  9. I’m a different type of Sony guy. Don’t really like Call of duty except zombie mode on black ops 3. I love Resident Evil. Best game ever. I’m a sports game freak
  10. Rey

    Sports injuries.

    It is very psychologically bearing. It can have an impact on you for the rest of your life
  11. Rey


    And how do you know how many posts you have?
  12. Rey


    Thanks for the welcome. I will say that if anyone needs Law Advice I am fully capable of that. Btw how do u edit my signature ?
  13. Don’t like PC gaming or Xbox. My Xbox just sits there. I am a Sony guy since 1994
  14. No people are just fucking Retarded.
  15. Rey

    Sports injuries.

    Sports injuries are painful to watch thankfully I never got anyone playing sports.
  16. Rey

    Play vs watch

    Depending on the sport a little bit of both you
  17. Rey

    Your football team?

    New York Giants and the New England Patriots
  18. He isn’t going anywhere mainly just rumors.
  19. Baseball, Basketball and Football
  20. Rey

    Anyone else skateboard?

    I used to back in the days.
  21. I’m a catholic however I don’t know anymore these days
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