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  1. Hell no that’s a load of bullshit. You know how many players in football get hurt, have career ending injuries. So no having protection means nothing and doesn’t differentiate between the sports. I however do think football is more manlier then futbol
  2. Rey

    Best Game

    What is the best sports game you ever been to ?
  3. Rey

    Season tickets.

    They are very expensive
  4. I have read and watched Harry Potter series if that counts. The movies are different then the books.
  5. Rey

    Mad TV

    Should mad tv come back as a remake ?
  6. Rey


    Have you ever watched this show? What do you think of it?
  7. What are your top 5 movies of all time ?
  8. Rey

    Games with Ads

    But everything has ads these days
  9. Rey

    Games with Ads

    I hate games with apps
  10. It happens all the time. It is a very great defense to get away with a crime and this is someone who has law knowledge and a degree.
  11. Let people believe in who and whatever they want to believe in.
  12. Donal trump has the racists coming out like roaches
  13. What is your religion? For me I’m a catholic but have been to other religion churches
  14. Red dead redemption and Minecraft
  15. I personal think PC games are boring. I was never able to get into it.
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