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  1. Rey

    Last Game Played

    Just finished playing Pokémon emerald on GBA emulator
  2. I can’t wait for this movie gonna be in there like a little kid lol
  3. Rey


    I hope you feel this way about everyone that goes on tv being racist and not just a personal vendetta against Roseanne barr
  4. Rey


    Yeah they are going to do a remake plus there’s going to be a real titanic ship setting sail I believe in 2020 or 2022
  5. Isn’t it so much more fun
  6. Rey


    I have heard they are coming out with the titanic 2
  7. I hate South Park I think it’s the most dumbest and boring show ever
  8. Rey

    Favorite TV Show

    What is your favorite tv show? For me it would have to be Law And Order SVU
  9. Rey

    Country Music

    I like new country better then old country.
  10. Pandora by far I haven’t really used Spotify and I’m not a fan of it
  11. I’d have to go with Creed
  12. Rey


    Does anyone here like and listen to Eminem
  13. It really depends but I do need my coffee when I wake up
  14. Rey

    Community Chat #1

    Good morning everyone have a blessed day
  15. Rey

    Milestone Thread

    Post count 30 but I’m new
  16. What is your favorite video game console ?
  17. What is your nationality
  18. What are your thoughts on trump? For me I can’t stand trump not one bit. I think he is a moron, unqualified, narcissistic, full blown racist and full or hate. He is a bigot and a bully. His views make no sense and he should be impeached and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  19. What is your political affiliation? I am a Registered Democrat but I’m a progressive/Social views. You might actually compare my views very alike to Sen. Bernie Sanders who is my political idol.
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