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  1. You can't really compare those two... Macbooks are primarily for work and business-related work whilst windows can do pretty much everything.
  2. I do have an ad-block installed, but it is usually turned off. I will turn it on only when I am on youtube or a sketchy website.
  3. xP I would play it 24/7 when I sold my graphics card and waited for over a month to get my new one... I mean, it was the only actual game I could play without getting five fps. I love it for the sole fact that it is fast paced, teamwork-based has a great community and it is overall a fascinating experience.
  4. Dumpster Diving is allowed in many countries, based on where you live the laws may be different. In general, it is not a crime such as stealing, because once you throw something in the dumpster, it becomes public (It will either be destroyed or taken).
  5. I use either my Debit Card (Visa & Mastercard) or Paypal which is linked to those two. If I have doubts about a site (even after reading reviews and asking people) I will use PayPal as they use their own Site to make the transactions instead of putting your information in a database that you aren't even sure if it is accessible only by them, none or anyone.
  6. I agree with Alyxx. All Mass Effect were fantastic but the ending of the MEA3. Though, I must say that I didn't really like the start of the first one as well... I wouldn't recommend it over games such as Witcher 3 or Skyrim but it is definitely worth a shot.
  7. I feel that The Forest has done a great job at scaring you by just using sounds. A quick description of the game: Your plane crashed on an island that seems to be filled with cannibalistic mutants. There are the cannibals (Common) and the creepy mutants (Rare). In this game, the purpose is to find your son, Timmy, who was abducted by one of the cannibals minutes after the plane crashed. It is one of the best survival horror games I have ever played, and the sounds during the morning, night and during cave expeditions are fantastic.
  8. Hm, I played it on PS4 PRO, so I am not sure if that is something that happens to everyone, but apart from the optimisation (Which I agree, is a big part when it comes to gaming), the game is excellent, as you said. But you could always try similar games like Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor or Middle Earth: Shadow of War. There are many beautifully designed RPGs out there.
  9. I am not arguing about the quality of the game; I am just saying that even a game like this can be enjoyable if played with friends. I cannot agree more with you; I feel like almost all big companies start caring more about the money rather than the quality of the games. I mean, EA, Bethesda, who's next?
  10. I can agree up to a point. I find it very enjoyable with friends... I think the sole purpose one should buy it is to play it with their friends, otherwise, it might get both frustrating and boring.
  11. I can proudly vouch for those two amazing RPGs. The Witcher 3 is just one of the most amazing games out there. Now, if you have played Red Dead Redemption II, then you will most likely notice some similarities. Both games follow a somewhat same mechanism in NPC behaviours, and other, gameplay-wise. Both games have huge worlds and loads of things to do. I think that you will enjoy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt more than Kingdom Come: Deliverance but that is just my opinion.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077 Metro: Exodus That's pretty much all.
  13. It is a great fantasy RPG game with decent graphics and gameplay mechanics. I mean, the only reason I got excited was because I had played D&D before and I wanted to see what the game was all about. Overall, it is a decent one, but since it is free of charge why don't you give it a go?
  14. I mean, sure it is a marketing "trick" but not necessarily negative. Now, I am probably one of those crazy addicted people who does go as far as purchasing merchandise. I have a couple of T-Shirts from Fallout to The Witcher, Portal, Tomb Raider etc. I also have an expanding collection of Pop! Figures. I also have a Discord pillow and a couple of other things such as cups, backpacks etc. Though I have never purchased a poster, they take too much space and, for me, they don't deserve their money.
  15. Hey, I have been playing The Long Dark for a while now and to be honest, it is not that "horror". It is a survival game (With a fantastic story). I would instead purchase The Forest as it has better graphics and is cheaper. (Currently, with the sales The Long Dark is 6$ and The Forest 11$, but without the sales, TLD is 25$ while The Forest 15$).
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