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  1. If you are on Windows, then some of the emulators work with the DOSBOX. And they need to be run under the compatibility mode. You can use them in Windows 10. I think it can be pretty effective if you can get any emulator that can work under Windows 10. But as of now most of the ones that I have tried are running only with the DOSBOX. In such case it can be worth downloading DOSBOX.
  2. skyfire

    PC Warranty

    First typing excessively should not be much of an issue. Each new keyboard these days can handle more type hits than the old keyboards. I think for console 1 year warranty is a must. Plus there can be extended year warranty. But for the PC, I think there should be minimum 2 year warranty. And some components should be repaired into that. Not having warranty or having the components break after the warranty can be pretty difficult in that case.
  3. When I was in college (that was 2 years ago), I used to spend the off hours playing the mobile games. That's like 2 or 4 hours. Now a days I mostly prefer the off time after work and get into streaming some of the time. I am streaming on live.me these days as the gaming through mobile is lot easier.I think when you are into gaming, time flies pretty quickly and often we don't know what else is going on around.
  4. I have mostly downloaded the instructional videos. And for that I have used the clipgrab software on Windows. It works simply just have to copy the URL and post into the software. And it can pretty much make it easier for you to export into MPEG4 and MP4 or WMV. So those are some options for audio and video you have. I have seen that video grabber also works for twitch too but these days twitch often makes it harder to download the videos as most are live stream.
  5. I am not sure on the judgement side. But I can tell you that there are advertisers who value their services. And they are allowed to take objection on many grounds. So if YouTube panders to such issues from the advertisers side. There is not much we can do about it. I'd say that there is always going to be issues on that front. So we have to find out ways to get by and avoid getting strikes. It's pity you got one strike. I am sure if you avoid these mistakes things will surely improve on channel performance.
  6. I have donated one time amount to some of the Youtube creators. I honestly can't afford the recurring payment per month to the creators. I think YouTube premium is much better option in such case. As that money just goes into one pool and then people get to view without ads and also they are supporting some of the creators. I prefer giving one time support funds as much as possible.
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