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  1. Yesterday the WIndows 10 was asking for upgrade to Windows 11 and I decided to stay for now.
  2. Edge is definitely worth sticking too but with each update the settings go default which is something I hate.
  3. skyfire


    Each black friday season or the christmas season they run 2 year offer on NORD VPN which is cheaper at that time.
  4. Yeah and it's second most expensive after apple phones. but it has better performance and gaming look than apple.
  5. I do look at the camera considering I take the images every now and then and so it helps to have better camera quality.
  6. Not necessary there are countless remote control apps on Apple which has no use or similar use case. compared to android apple has lot of crap too.
  7. Xiaomi and the few other brands are fine. I may even consider the brand oppo/realme but that's all for now.
  8. What is with you and adding "toilet" reference for every game's critic? Is there any story behind it that we don't know? I mean this is second time I notice "toilet" reference for your comment on switch based games. And "wasted time" part is often covered by revenue they make. So let them worry about that.
  9. skyfire


    I guess to attract I suppose. I know a lot of such games who are trying out on similar themes so far.
  10. I think that is because I am sure even they are not aware of what to present this time as the demand increases.
  11. Yeah finding those companies is not hard. You need to see the journey of brand. even xiaomi was like that but they invested in branding and service and they came out of that fly by night type stamp on their face.
  12. I don't think it gets weaker. the more space gets consumed. weaker means either battery or RAM depletes but that is not the case.
  13. Realm defense Hero legends.
  14. There are mini clip games which are now both online and downloadable. So I prefer some of them too.
  15. skyfire


    NordVPN is definitely worth it and also has 3 year worth of the price tag which is cheaper than others.
  16. I think each month it continues to rise. I have been avoiding a lot of games lately. But the thing is that buying some good games for this christmas I am going to see if those past games are worth playing.
  17. I can't play till old age. It gets to the health considering you have other things to live for as well. I will play randomly in near future. Playing till old age would burn me out twice the speed.
  18. skyfire


    If you are into the side scrollers with some action added to it. You would love playing the game if you are into this genre. Check out the trailer.
  19. skyfire


    If you like strategy games then this is something you can try out. It has mostly puzzles in it. With the paper drawing type of art as game.
  20. skyfire


    I have posted spirits like games before and sheepo is one that gets too close with that type of the game. Pretty cool graphics and soundtrack too.
  21. Retro style hollow knight type of games are coming out a lot. They do have fun gameplay for those who are into this genre.
  22. skyfire


    If you like chibi action game then maybe tunche is something you can play on switch. Not sure if they are on android yet but looks kind of fun if you have kids at home.
  23. I'd say the Little Nightmares 2 released this year is a good game. I am sure this must be one of those good 2.5 D game.
  24. I think graphics and the type of the characters and the maps and the surrounding that can give you nausea that would be getting you into fatigued.
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