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  1. I personally have worked with the cooling pads on laptops and also kept the box cooler for the desktop not sure how the console guys do it.
  2. DLC if it is additional content then i don't think would cause much issue for compatibility side.
  3. Yeah duck hunt, pooyan, and few others were awesome.
  4. Yes indeed cellular signals interfere with communication and navsat. So that's one reason to cut the gaming.
  5. Custom building console from scratch would be overkill as a nerd. I mean I understand the DIY mindset but these days it's not worth it.
  6. Today is the day the game is about to be released for PS 4 users. So if you are on PS 4 and looking for new game to play this month, check out the video for the game.
  7. The mobile version of the FF XV is getting the update for the Ignis. You can check out the arrival of the Ignis in the mobile game.
  8. I don't know how you guys feel for the google stadia. I am not in much fan wagon with them. But noticed that they are releasing for the non google phones. And for crossplay I am guessing they may end up making some money. Currently the support is for the samsung and asus devices.
  9. It seems switch lite demands are just keep on increasing. You may find few colored version of the nintendo devices out there. Check out the video for upcoming coral switch lite.
  10. So there are some of the teasers out there for the new Destiny 2 Osiris. Check out the cutscene in the below video.
  11. I think a lot of arcade shooting used to be my favorite. But I kind of loved the FPS era for shoot up games. I am sure everybody loved Virtual Cop.
  12. I pretty much sure that online gaming is banned or not allowed in some airplanes. In fact they ask us to shut down the phone or tablets during takeoff and landing often.
  13. That would be pretty off topic because gaming and development both have their own shares of drawbacks which we can't discuss context in the gaming forum.
  14. I think backward compatibility definitely is need of every hardware that comes in market. Not just phones even consoles have to adjust with that.
  15. Rocket league and few other games fall into that. I think those are some good racing games out there.
  16. I think as time goes ahead all of my physical games would be dumped or sold online.
  17. I think MMO would kill the loyal fan following who loved the 1 and 2. It seems like tangent to make MMO or even anything that does not have plot to follow.
  18. I wanted to see sex scenes in prince of persia but bad luck for me.
  19. These days I kind of my share of the blood pressure. But to be honest I kind of loved playing some of the horror games. Though I know when to keep distance with it. Multitasking and also too much mobile gaming do hurt my health though.
  20. I think there are some of the mods that you can check it out. I am sure they would work out.
  21. It seems like few months after the release game still has some good reviews and creators on youtube loving it.
  22. Now in 2020. It would be possible to see they are skipping it for real to favor PS 5.
  23. For a limited developers game, it seems like a good attempt and I am sure even in 2020 it would do good.
  24. 2 years later, it seems like this years blizzconn is going to be suffering with HK issue.
  25. Minesweep another game which needs to be in the fall of fame too.
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