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  1. skyfire


    Yes there are also some of the gameplays for you to explore. So you may definitely want to try it out.
  2. Steam has plenty of options for those type of games. I have seen plenty of titles over there. Maybe something you may want to play.
  3. Yes it does have some dark vibes but the overall game looks good.
  4. It's also a switch game. So if you have switch this would be a good game worth playing.
  5. I wont either as the style is something not everyone can get used to as well.
  6. skyfire


    Do check the reviews though. I would not want anyone to download and play games they don't like.
  7. A lot of switch games are like that. I personally understand the fact that some of such games are experimental in nature.
  8. If you like turn based approach in the RPGs then you may definitely like this for sure.
  9. Though the narrative in the games may be different but basic zombie killing is same in both.
  10. it is on android which has the game too. You can check out there: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scopely.startrek&hl=en_IN&gl=US
  11. That's odd. not that I heard about this game. but there are some of the other games which is location blocked. but DBZ has it properly for most locations.
  12. They have pretty good gameplay. I feel that having such good gameplay makes overall system worth trying as well.
  13. skyfire

    Doodle Jump 2

    It has adds on each level complete and the level finishing there. That is what I have found out that it's kind of bad.
  14. Yes and that is where I find them shady. It's a bad business to be honest. I personally hate the same.
  15. Yeah I have found out that zoho performance is even better where the gmail seems to be soon not going free for your own domain or website.
  16. A lot of websites have that documented. I think EU took good decision by blocking the google analytics as well.
  17. skyfire


    I think there are some of the VPN extensions that I prefer instead of using the firefoxs VPN there.
  18. skyfire

    Hollow Knight

    Yes the sequel is also good if you want to play the same. I feel they have pretty good series there.
  19. If you compare the system performance, chrome eats RAM, whereas Edge has managed to control some part of it as Microsoft teams are pretty heavy on development with Edge which is now chrome based.
  20. Some apps can easily get most of your screen space when they run ads which makes using those apps and games worst experience.
  21. I think it's more like license and also the chinese games being banned restriction that has limited the game distribution.
  22. With the online upload and the drive enabled in your camera folder, it gets auto sync. I had to disable the google drive once. auto sync is bad feature lol.
  23. So if you like the good quality 3D games with the narrative. I am sure that you would enjoy the evil lands game too. This particular RPG seems like a good option to try out.
  24. It is going to be in demand game and we have a lot of things to view on the same if the franchise continues.
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