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  1. They are very important in my opinion because they help gamers to know exactly what they are looking at getting from such games and also help them in making their decisions o whether the game is worth it or not.
  2. Chess all the way for me. Both computer chess games and real life human played chess board games.
  3. Haha, it's just cooked up Fantasy stories used to add happiness in the lives of kids. How about the tooth fairy? Can still remember my son keeping his fallen tooth for the tooth fairy to come pick it up.
  4. Playing chess is my favorite board game. There are lots of aged folks living in my neighborhood, and they have a serene spot where they hang out with their friends to play chess. I do find it interesting joining them anytime I could to play and learn from them.
  5. If I'm really being honest with you, I haven't actually seen curved television in one's home. I have only seen it at shopping mall where electronics are on display. They look great but I'm a lot more familiar with flat screen television. It's what I use at home.
  6. Exactly, what you give prominence takes its hold on you. If you give into playing games too much, it's definitely going to affect you in a way that wouldn't be so good.
  7. Tomb Raider is one of the old games which I played that could never be said to be too much for me. I still play it till today but mostly on weekends. Tekken is another amazing old game that I still play.
  8. Super Nintendo is a great game. Remember very well during my childhood how most kids in the neighborhood run around trying to get into gaming frenzy with the game console. We played in groups back then.
  9. Resident Evil is one of my favorite survival games so far in my opinion. I also enjoyed playing Underworld as well. Dealing with supernatural freaks in the game interests me a lot.
  10. What I love about such gaming sites is the amount of gaming knowledge one can tap from watching it. It's very amazing what you can learn in a day as a gamer by using such sites.
  11. I do so but not very often. It depends on how I feel about the game at the moment that would be influence my decision in donating the game.
  12. Mine would be soccer or football games. Also RPG as well. These are the kind of games that gives me maximum satisfaction.
  13. People will always say what they wish to say about gaming but generally in my opinion, it's all about the gamers personality that goes a long way in determining how the game affects the individual.
  14. Take for instance, gaming helps people who are in some kind of bored situation. So, it does affect one's situation at any point in time. But what matters is how it's used to impact on one's life.
  15. Not at all. It's not. It depends on how much you are playing and allowing it to take more time than it's supposed to take.
  16. This is a very common gaming myth which is not true. There are as many female gamers as there are male ones as well.
  17. It can give high blood pressure from the tension felt when playing a certain game level. There is every possibility that game playing helps to develop the brain in being more tactical.
  18. Contra, Tomb Raider, WWF, Mario etc are all over my memory archives. They tickle my fancy whenever I remembered them.
  19. Actually, it's in the hands of the gamer to control how he or she plays. When you fail to do so, it's not really the game that should be blamed but the individual in question. We are responsible for our actions.
  20. Well, the truth is that not everyone is bold enough to accept the responsibility for their actions. So, they are very good in pointing blame to other people or variables.
  21. Alright, that's lesson learnt on my end. Have fun.
  22. I have seen the game advertised on more than one occasion but I'm yet to be persuaded to play. It looks like a great game by the way.
  23. From my understanding and experience, anything that we do in our lives always affects us in one way or another. The food we eat affects our body, what we think affects our mind, etc.
  24. I can see already that you are a Pokémon game lover. I used to play it a lot more when I was still a teenager. It's such a great and fun game to play.
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