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  1. I can't ever forget my first favorite old game - The Punisher. I played this first using my Sega console. Although the game is also available in PS, I would still like to try it out once again on a Saga console.
  2. Exactly. Moderate gaming is the most important thing to all gamers. If you operate within the safe zone, then you need not worry about getting into mess of getting addicted to the game which is very wrong.
  3. Wow, that's so awesome to to have already started playing games so early. I was still too caught up with getting attached to my mother as a first child. The game was there but I never played at 2 years.
  4. Assasin's Creed rocks. I can't ever imagine how time flies because it's been so long since I had played the game Assasin's Creed last. It's a very good game with lots of fighting in it. I haven't played Odyssey. Tell me what it feels like.
  5. Haha, you are my friend a guy with one hell of a sense of humor. So, you were practically messing with us by calling Pepsi an energy drink. I can't help it laughing all over again after seeing that you were just pulling our legs.
  6. Are you seriously kidding me with that statement? Pepsi being an energy drink? It's a soft drink and not an energy drink. Try and Google energy drinks and you will see lots of them.
  7. This is a fact. It's not just only games that one can be addicted to but just about anything one's gets involved with. Personally, I'm absolutely addicted to watching football and drinking beer, even though I workout a lot.
  8. Haha. This is actually the reason I don't watch some TV programs like one's views on Zee world, Telemundo etc. They are filled with 70% commercials which makes the movies to be boring.
  9. Stop craving already and sort out your budget and go get one for yourself. It's pretty expensive at the moment but I'm sure you might see who wants to sell his own off eBay and you can get some discounts.
  10. Most people do get to learn from experience. Just like you were victim of eye problems as a result of too much gaming, I'm very sure someone must have told you about such effects happening if you don't cut down on your gaming habits?
  11. Once your whole body is relaxed and laying down, it's a direct invitation for sleep to come and take over. If you have played for a while and probably tired, there is no way of stopping sleep from taking over.
  12. I can guarantee you that you will love the game completely but be advised, it's a very addictive game. So, be prepared for anything once you get the game.
  13. I think that PS 2 is among the best Playstation consoles ever made by the company.
  14. Too much gaming have so many side effects and not just a negative impact on one's behavior. It also have a physical effect on the eyes and one's general health. I have seen so many gamers complain about eye problems and feeling dizzy.
  15. We literally can't do without Television here. It's a big part of our day's encounter here. We love movies a lot and most of us here don't go to cinema, so we do enjoy movies at home.
  16. As a tablet owner as well, I can support your assertion on tablet being a very good gadget for accessing YouTube videos. It's far more better than small Android and iOS devices.
  17. True my friend but the problem is that when you are already addicted, it becomes almost impossible to know when to draw the line as you will keep making excuses for why you still kept playing even when you are supposed to stop.
  18. I'm trying my very best to stop but it's a habit that I have carried for a long time now, so believe me when I tell you that it's not as easy as it sounds but I'm not going to give up till I get to adjust well with my playing games schedule.
  19. Too much of everything is bad. This is something that everyone is very familiar with. When go across the line with a certain thing that you do, you will definitely suffer from the consequences of your actions.
  20. This is absolutely true. Kids are the most vulnerable ones to gaming effects because they are too innocent to understand the difference between fiction and real life. They assume such gaming characters are even real somewhere in the world and they believe in them. This impacts on their psychological behavior in a very big way.
  21. From my experience, Fortnite is one of the most addictive games ever made. I have read a lot articles on people's experience with getting addicted to the game and how it affected their behavior in a very bad way.
  22. This game Top Eleven Football Manager seems to be one of the most popular games played by Facebook users. There are some mixed feelings about the game both good and bad reviews but it's definitely a good game.
  23. I enjoy using its screen shot feature as well. In fact, it's even more efficient than my default phone screen shot which fails sometimes when I try to use it and capture some screen images.
  24. My problem is that when I get that hooked up playing, even when I'm very aware that I'm getting tired, I still can't easily stop playing especially when I have missed playing the game for a while. The best way for me to prevent this from happening is not to play at night.
  25. I saw a video one time on Facebook or YouTube where a guy smashed his television over losing a FIFA game to his friend. It was so horrible to watch.
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