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  1. The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and I guess my smartphones are the ones I have spent the most time on lately. On the switch, I like playing Salmon Run, Smash and Mario Kart 8 with friends online. On the 3DS I have some games I enjoy and I am currently playing Bravely Default. And on my smartphone I like playing some of the Nintendo games as well as a few that are just newspaper kind of activities like solitaire, flow free, unblock me and word stacks. That said I also like the PS3 and I would mind playing a bit more on the PC. The only game I seem to go back to over and over is the Sims 3.
  2. Ocarina of Time for sure and then Majora's Mask. Those are the two I can say for sure I've done that. I think I also managed it with Twilight Princess but I am not as certain as I am with the Nintendo 64 ones. Not sure if this counts but I also 100% Life is Strange. Got all the trophies, pictures and stuff.
  3. I don't think the intense workout is for everyone or that needed as much as just cultivating good habits that allow us to stay healthy, and health starts with what we eat and how do we portion it. Some people have jobs where they are on their feet all day or have to walk quite a bit. We do have to take responsibilities for our choices and to make the best within our circumstances. Like @Folk Artist mention rather than going all the way from begining, it might be better to start with something easy like walking. I think it is important to find activities we're comfortable with so they don't become something to dread, so definitely you want the person to start within their limits and explore. Some might rather swim, some might rather dance some might like the adrenaline of kickboxing to each their own.
  4. Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Gamecube. I think we have a Lynx and an XBox but they don't work. And if you count them as retro: we still got our Wii, PS3, Nintendo DS. We got a good amount of games for most of the consoles. I don't know about their worth exactly but we're probably going to keep using them as we feel the crave for them.
  5. Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Gamecube. I think we have a Lynx and an XBox but they don't work. And if you count them as retro: we still got our Wii, PS3, Nintendo DS. We got a good amount of games for most of the consoles. I don't know about their worth exactly but we're probably going to keep using them as we feel the crave for them.
  6. So this is a topic that has been brought up when talking about new releases for the switch, being Wii U versions ported into the Switch or games that had already been out in other consoles for years that only now they are coming to the switch. I am sure it is not just with the switch but that is the one I have been noticing. It seems more like the mentality of charging full price for being a new release even if the product itself doesn't offer anything to compensate the price difference other than being ins aid console, heck, some of them you could argue actually take from it like the FIFA '18 version in the switch being almost a different game compared to the other versions according to some people. How do you guys feel about ports being sold full price while you can get them for a fraction in a different console? Do you think it is fair play?
  7. So this was some kind of curious news that reached me so I thought it would be fun to share. In their own words, this is the criteria for a game to make it as an inductee: And even though MS didn't create the concept of Solitaire, their reach is undeniable, ever since Windows 3.0 it has been included in the next windows versions. At the time it was a great tool to familiarize people with the mouse, but it grew to become part of the culture, often used in reception and office jokes for procrastination. You can check it out yourself through World Video Game Hall of Fame website, and you can find it right in their banner. What do you think? Is this game well suited to be considered part of the World Video Game Hall of Fame?
  8. We have websites and locals like "Zing" that are bringing us all these products based on videogames franchises, like for example plushies, clothes, lamps, sculptures, mugs, posters, replicas of items, etc. There are nowadays so many products for games old and new. From the simple to the elaborated. and you don't need a physical store, you can check online and then you can even have non-official merchandise created by other fans. As for me, I love buying The Legend of Zelda merchandise. It is nice having those posable characters, plushies, keychains and other little collectibles. If you count the amiibo, well that's another that I also buy. I also own a few backpacks through a lot of merchandise nowadays is very expensive so I have had to pass on some items. Do you guys collect merchandise dedicated to certain games or franchises? What kind of items get your attention and what kind of items do you tend to avoid?
  9. Damn. I better not say anything then. 😄 On a brighter note, I was told I didn't need to play the first one to understand the second, so I have arranged for a friend to lend me his copy of the second game for the switch so hopefully, I can finally be properly introduced to the franchise.
  10. Thank you, guys. I appreciate it.
  11. I think there are different reasons for people not to keep their past systems, some of them might find easier to afford the new system by trading the old one to make the gap smaller. Then you have the people that have to move a lot so they can't really juggle all the consoles even if they wanted to own them. There are other gamers that are more of one time experiences and are satisfied passing the games once so once a new console comes they most likely feel they have juiced the console to their satisfaction. I guess we all just don't see gaming in the same way, it is not wrong, just different. As for me, I love my classics. I moved countries and I still tried to hunt down the consoles and games from my childhood. There is something, some joy I can get from holding a genuine controller and cartridge. It helps me retreat to my safe zone. I am lucky my partner feels the same way because our living room is basically a modern and a CRT TV plugged to a bunch of different consoles from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Switch.
  12. My vision is not bad. I usually tend to be the one in the group that can read the bus numbers in the distance, and I can read small print fine. That said they are not what they used to be and on my last visit to my optometrist, she said it was time I started to wear glasses. I don't have to wear them all the time, but if I am going to be staring at a screen I wear them just to be on the safe side. So right now, while I am browsing VGR using the computer, I am wearing them. 😄 While I felt my eyes were fine, using the glasses for first time, was like being a kid again. Able to see shining surfaces and texture details I hadn't even noticed had become absent. It is pretty cool.
  13. It really depends on the franchise. Like the video says different people have a different idea of what elements are a must for a franchise. I think that in general, it is a better approach giving options and separating both crowds rather than trying to close the gap into one field. You can have the classic styles that actually rewards skills and make sure not to pair them with people looking for a lesser curve, while also have options like a simple mode for that inclusive gameplay that anyone can enjoy. Changing a game radically rather than expand on it can really screw things over. With Smash, there's a reason why people enjoy Melee so much even with all the newer games that have been out. In Brawl they snubbed the competitive scene, and with the latest entries they are trying to make it more fast paced and attract them back. I don't know if they have gotten the balance they were hoping for but at least seems like a good sign they are actually taking more input on what many competitive players were saying have been detrimental for the franchise. There is still a lot to do, but hopefully with the way games like Street Fighter V are flopping in their bellies they can see that not finishing your games and watering down the gameplay is not keeping the loyal nor the new fans happy.
  14. It really depends on what your friend is like and what misconceptions they'd have. I'll probably start by asking the plainly if the game gets their attention and if it doesn't, why is that, and then go from there. For all we know, they just never went around buying it and might still think it is very expensive or something. Probably by telling them why you enjoy the game can spark some of their curiosity too. For me it was probably a friend telling me that I would definitely enjoy Trevor's plotline and offering to play Online with me. We were in our own servers and he showed me the ropes and helped me do missions and just have fun.
  15. Perfect Dark Zero and Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts are two that come in mind. I tried the beginning but didn't play for long. From franchises I cared a bit more, I guess one of the latest games of Ace Attorney, I think it was Apollo Justice. Because of a case where one of the protagonists seemed to haven't learned anything from past games and the story of that case just felt like a rehash that really undermined the climax of a past entry in the series and because of that some moments felt like he was acting out of character. It frustrated me quite a bit. Other than that the game was good.
  16. They are a useful tool. I've seen some people that will not touch a guide at all no matter how stuck they are, while others rather rely on them to make sure to have the most effective route or make sure they don't accidentally miss something from the game. Do you use guides often? Do you have a code of honor you follow regarding when it is fine to use a guide and what cases you think you shouldn't? Have you ever regretted looking for something ina guide just to discover that the answer was something really simple? I have. 😂
  17. Hey guys, how is it going? I'm Kaynil and I enjoy gaming, especially Nintendo. I am having a blast with my Switch! I bet you'll never guess what's my favourite franchise from them. 😂
  18. It feel like it was not that long ago when Nintendo gave us the following message through its twitter: Reggie has been the face of NoA for over a decade, so I am sure many of us took for granted he'd be around for another while and didn't even consider the possibility of him stepping down the position. It makes sense, and while he's been President it feels like he's been giving his best, so his retirement sounds well deserved. Time flies and soon, this it is going to be effective in April. Now that some time has passed, do you feel more tranquil about it?
  19. So, guys what do you think of Nintendo letting "BraceYourself Games" to make a Crypt of the Necromancer styles game with Zelda elements and characters. I was talking with a friend and he pointed out just how much it borrows from ALttP. Someone else said that the sprites reminded him of The Minish Cap. It is definitely interesting. The game is described as a Dungeon Crawler Rhythm game. I haven't tried any game like that, but if you put Zelda on it, it sure gets my attention. It's the franchise that bypasses my cynicism and dissolves my rationalization skills into those of a 5-year-old. Anyone has played the Crypt of the Necrodancer or feels interested in buying this game?
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