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  1. It is only available in android so it's a bummer for iOS users 😞. Also, the game appeared in my phone and I can play it although it crashes sometimes >.< because it's 700mb. I heard it is a soft launch that's why there were some problems with the game. BTW! There's actually someone who's streaming it. Even a youtube video.
  2. when the graphics were very low that you almost can't identify the character and glitches from the screen 😄
  3. yeah, I would choose John too although I honored Fuzz's role as the bassist of Disturbed
  4. Nah, I see! by the way have you tried developing in one of your engines?
  5. I will surely watch it, thanks and I'll update if watched them :D
  6. If you would be a successful one, what games would you make? For me, I would create a sports game but there would be an addition of weapons (HAHA) imagine FIFA with tanks and guns 😄 I think that would be awesome, gets me to the edge of how will the player win 😄
  7. I just watched the thing and it was freaking awesome! 😄
  8. Ooh I see, with the generation today I think many people will suffer in the Zombie Outbreak. And with the plot of zombie games, do you think they will be a trend for 2019?
  9. I didn't because the cinemas here in our country were full packed, lines everywhere. Even if you reserve the tickets, the only available seats were lousy seats that's either too close or too far... How about you guys? how's the film?
  10. HAHAHA yep I avoided it but if you guys really want to know it is Flappy Bird... 😄
  11. I use steam and don't worry I pay for my games but when it comes to obsolete games, It's kinda hard to find :'( so my friend uses skidrow and I just play it on my friend's computer. So that's how I learn about it and I know it is piracy (not encouraging it) yet suggested in case you want to look for a rare game that you don't know and just look for legal websites to pay or to play it :D yeah I also didn't know any better ;)
  12. My friend (boy) and I (girl) would compete on each other about the games we play. He was always the best one in video games and have all the good games. I decided to play COD and somehow mastered it that I would always beat him in this game. The only game I can boast about.
  13. I guess very sad because of how depressed I am compared to when I was young that I'm very happy go lucky person...
  14. When I applied for the job my recorded WPM was 73. idk now hehe I would look in the keyboard rather than the screen
  15. Steam and Skidrow Reloaded for torrent games
  16. Me too! my cousin and I play this one every once in a while
  17. Fishing in Final Fantasy XV 😁😁😁😁😁
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