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  1. Let’s be real here :) Most zombie fans would probably be food for zombies instead of being hardcore zombie killing machines. I recall having a conversation with my friends about being in a zombie apocalypse once. We all agreed that we would die in the end because we don't have a concrete plan of what to do and how to survive. However, I discovered this game called Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital few days ago. I guess, I could say that it gave me tips on how to survive those meany zombies 😄 PLAN 101 if Zombie Apocalypse happened.... 1. Get any weapon and make your own first aid kit. 2. Make sure you wear thick clothes so that even when they bite you, it won't penetrate that much.. 3. If you see any survivors, help them because they might get handy like giving you some tips about this and that yada yada. Also be careful, you might get fooled in the end. 4. Aim the head if you have SHOOTTTTYYYY but if you have an ordinary one, aim the legs to make them cripple so you (and others maybe) could get away. This AR First Person Shooter gameplay is just the right amount of zombie reality I can survive in. It is also a good reminder that I won’t survive in a zombie apocalypse or epidemic since real life just doesn’t have a watch video or just provide some gold coins and you would immediately get resurrected. Yet we will never know... What about you? What game could help you survive a Zombie Outbreak?
  2. Skyrim, I have experienced walking at the top of the hill xD
  3. Looking through a working class hero

  4. Oh Primer, I have heard about that! 😄 but haven't watch yet I'll probably put it in my list! 😄 thanks
  5. Here are the 10 things why this game made me download this. 😍 It’s an AR game Why is this important? If you played Pokemon Go, then you know that a zombie-themed AR game would be perfect. Every zombie apocalypse fan wants to be in a zombie movie or TV series. This game gives you that full blown zombie apocalypse experience! The Soundtrack is Addictively Eerie Nothing else makes a horror game creepy than a great soundtrack. If a game has a great soundtrack, then you know it’s a great game. Great horror games make your pulse rise with their soundtrack; Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital’s eerie soundtrack is no different. VERY INTENSE AND HEAVY MUSIC MADE ME PANIC AND MOIST 😂😂 Graphics are Excellent! Any scary thing that looks too real will certainly disturb you in your sleep. And this is great for any 3D horror game. The graphics in Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital look realistic and excellent! It never hurts to have good-looking in-game characters, am I right Leon? Claire? 😉 *EHEM* *Resident Evil* THE STORY is exciting, it’s Scary In Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, you play as a journalist who wants to unfold the truth behind the rumors about an abandoned hospital. Numerous patients suddenly died when an unfortunate incident occurred in the supposedly abandoned hospital. Like every good mystery, you will have to solve the puzzles, look for clues, and slay zombies to unearth the truth behind the incident. BTW LIKE SCOOBY DOOBY DOO You Can Put Your Friend’s Face in a Zombie The game has a unique feature where you can put someone’s face on one of the zombie’s faces. And why not? With this fun-loving generation, it’s probably one of the quirkiest things you can do in a zombie game! I put my enemy's face so I will feel good in a stressful day. It’s a Mobile Game The fact that Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital is a mobile game means you can kill zombies anywhere at anytime. 😜 The Fear Factor no, not the reality tv show In Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, headshots don’t instantly kill zombies. Aside from that, they just keep on coming! Imagine waking up in a strange room tied up in a chair. You knew about the strange rumors about the screams and the weird lights. Then, on your way out, BOOM! THERE ARE SUDDENLY ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE. You try shooting them in the head which is every zombie fan’s first instinct. But they just won’t die, so you just keep shooting! But as you kill them one by one, more zombies just keep on coming out from all corners of the room! Yes, this game will keep you on edge as it keeps on pouring zombies left and right. You can’t just one-hit-kill-em with a bullet to the head. Nope. Not in this game. And you have various types of zombies to shizzam, too! It’s crazy! Realistic Gun Impact It is satisfying to shoot at the zombies in Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital. Bloody chunks of rotten meat fly across the room as you shoot at the zombies’ bodies! Everything looks remarkably realistic! It is so awesome that it adds to the AR experience. It has the right amount of gore you would expect in a zombie game. And why the hell not? Zombies are the only acceptable gore nowadays. DEATH HOSPITAL In every zombie game, it is crucial to think of the place you want it to be in. A deserted city? An infected island? A ghost town? A vast open world? There are so much more places where you would want to see a zombie. But when you think about DEATH HOSPITAL, then it already gives you an idea of how you can end up in cramped spaces until you find yourself in a hallway to run the hell out of. Come on, hospitals are just creepy! So, if it’s a place where you need to solve a mystery like a Death Hospital, then you’re already in it for the mind-boggling and heart-wrenching experience that is bound to happen. It Pressures You If a zombie game compels you, then it means that it’s doing its job right. Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital makes the players think fast by keeping them alert for zombies rushing in and by moving around, both in-game or in reality. Plus the game’s difficulty is really something else that you just have to reply And I can go on about this game for hours on end, but playing it first hand is the best way to see for yourself if a game is good or not. This game doesn’t just appeal on zombie lovers, because it’s a game that can be played by everyone! And by everyone, I mean us. Now, I don't recommend a game but this one will be worth it Official Link: Download Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital in Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/akqkwf
  6. I'm curious of what kind of genre is in today's era... In my time puzzle games were the bomb but now everyone loves online... here's a little survey question 😄
  7. Yes!!!!! I watched Memento last night, very twisty. I see you like twisted endings as well!!! 😄❤️
  8. 😲😲😲 thank you, I will check that out and It's my first time to hear about the bye bye man 😄
  9. What about when you're happy? 😄😄 btw nice choice!!! 😄
  10. For me, I would always listen to Dionne Warwick and Barry Manilow's Run To Me... their song made me feel like I have someone by my side. 😍
  11. wow, that is amazing! I play guitar, drums, and lyre
  12. It's kind of true but it is just one of the factors among many that affects people....
  13. I watched Silence of the Lambs, Usual Suspects, Donnie Darko, Searching, Butterfly Effect, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Cape Fear... mostly all the classic films ❤️ Can anyone suggest me some recent Psychological Thrillers? Thanks guys in advance
  14. It depends on the age bracket. When I was 8, accidentally they downloaded GTA IV San Andreas and I got hooked into it then I started saying bad stuffs towards my parents and peers so I would say also appropriation.
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