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  1. Short-range weapons then you get the damage while you're at it, right?
  2. Yeah, I remember those! I would often change it for something else
  3. Thank you 😄 I will vote for you and the others.
  4. Whenever I play some shooting games there would be a weapon that doesn't damage much, often the basic weapon in first levels. What would be yours? Mine would be Shotguns in Mass Effect, they just suck. They took long reload, short range, and it overheats that leaves you with nothing for a minute.
  5. When I opened my Facebook account, I saw that WCG is doing a live stream of Dota 2 [APAC]. I didn't know this day will be for Regional finals APAC, the leading teams are Cignal Ultra, MSC.TH, UCRN, and Signify (Although it's still ongoing). I thought that GeekFam would win but they didn't this time... Anyways, what team are you going to root for?
  6. If it's mobile then it will be Clash Royale, I didn't know anything about that game until I saw WCG news about it on my feed. I started playing it just to get the gist but somehow got addicted to it. If it's a pc game, then it will be Ravenhearst. My uncle downloaded it on our pc so I really have no choice but to play it since it is the only game in our pc... At first, I often do not play it but once I managed to have progress...it became interesting that I finished it.
  7. Yep, I did! it's super hard to fight with all bosses though especially Ishin, the last one. It's totally different from what people say about it. 😄
  8. I wish to see realistic games that personalize the real you 😄
  9. I'm done with Sekiro and I'm going to play God of War 😛
  10. I love this one too, I hope they make games like this but with more different paths
  11. They didn't know that gamers are the same as them, we happened to have our hobby and that is playing games whereas they like makeup, watching sports, and other general stuff.
  12. Dang~ John Wick surpassed Avengers in just a few days..This is what you call Great Film
  13. When one of our teammates got the first blood so he disses us but at the end of the game he only got 1 kill... and that was his first blood (OOPS)
  14. I'm going to watch it later, so yehey!!!! 😁😁😁
  15. I think the guy has a mental issue that needs to be addressed, I also don't believe that game would be the only factor for that one... maybe hidden anger towards that person...
  16. I am ecstatic for the upcoming John Wick 3 on May 15!!! Anyone waiting for this movie? All I do is watch some Keannu Reeves's movies just to suffice my excitement. 😄 I bet the highlighted scene in this film would be the motorcycle one, reminded me of Road Redemption.
  17. I saw some articles online that battle royale and fps would be one of the trends this year but in my opinion, I could see more simulation games... and probably action games since people are becoming impatient, they would want games that will be straightforward 😄 unless if it's from a popular franchise... What are your thoughts about this?
  18. Awesome! I would also listen to James Taylor 😄 nice choice, i would check Glen Miller!
  19. A horror genre where there's a lot of puzzle and different characters you can choose to play
  20. I enjoy games with story-like because it feels like I'm part of it.
  21. I've been listening to a lot of jazz lately maybe it's because I can't calm my thoughts and I just want to go back in my hometown but nahh... work is here... Anyways, here's what I play the most Patti Austin - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. What's your favorite Jazz song?
  22. I watch some gameplay and play a bit more so I can master it
  23. SCRATCH MY FIRST REPLY! NOW I FINALLY KNOW THE ANSWER! Ahh now I know why it doesn't work because the global launch for this game is still coming soon but since I'm staying here in the Philippines for a while, I can play the game. Additional, It is only available in android so it's a bummer for iOS users 😞. BTW! There's actually someone who's streaming it. Even a youtube video. If you still would like to check the gameplay. Anyways, I just researched it so now it is clear
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