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  1. MtG is a classic CCG, finally in a robust F2P package. The current sets are supremely well balanced - I highly recommend anyone interested in card games to try it out. I am enjoying limited the most - essentially opening fresh packs, making a deck out of just those cards and trying to win up to 7 games (before 3 losses) to earn more cards + currency.
  2. Discs in general are out the door - it's all streaming & digital here on out. I understand not everyone has decent internet, but it's certainly headed that way.
  3. Super excited about - as both a huge L for alt right idiots and a big W for seeing the end of a great trilogy done the way the original creator wanted.
  4. Halloween (1978) is still the finest I've ever seen - and I'm a huge fan of the genre. Carpenter was firing on all cylinders back then, and I think only Peele has a shot at taking the crown as his craft continues to mature.
  5. This is incredibly naive & problematic
  6. Straight up. There is no benefit of the doubt for these idiots
  7. I rewatched The Winter Soldier with my wife on a plane - it was her first time. I love it still - the cast is great and Evans has so much heart as Cap it won even my wife over. Most of the action is weighty and readable, and the story beats are still compelling after many rewatches. 9/10 fan favorite
  8. Sony is in no financial position to do this. A pipedream for corporate fanboys, at the end of the day.
  9. Whenever I have time to play a game, I look at what's out and buy it digitally. Gigabit internet means It loads up fairly quick. With a family, I try to budget one game a month but lately I haven't really bought much.
  10. Twitch is the first thing that made me feel old. I'm in my mid30s and can't think of a bigger waste of time than watching strangers play video games.
  11. Some people have more money than time, I understand that. Options are a good thing to offer.
  12. Front Mission games were amazing, and I'd kill for a new big-budget Switch release. Feels like it makes a ton of sense - they could even throw in some PvP to suit the MP nature of the console.
  13. Nah, don't have time for that and a career and a family. Games are for fun, and working this hard at them to 100% is... not.
  14. NYC here - only keep the latest console(s), buy digital everything. Living in the city for so long, you learn to appreciate not spending money on "collections", as they just end up being a hassle to store and move. There is real freedom in just owning digital goods and the bare minimum needed to play them.
  15. I am waiting til my new speaker system is in before starting anything new - it's killing me having a new TV but holding off on starting something new on it.
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