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  1. It's silly, but back when Castle Crashers was a big thing, I purchased it with my hard-earned money from doing a crap ton of chores only to have my mom ban me from playing it because it was 'too inappropriate'. Second time was when I bought a handful of Xbox games (can't remember all the titles) only for our Xbox to break a few weeks later and my parents refuse to buy a new one. I've been much more careful since then.
  2. I agree, this whole issue just seems like a way for a journalist to gain a little bit of attention- white male protagonists have never seemed to pose much of an issue before, why stir up controversy now? It's ridiculous, it's not racist, sure, a little bit exclusive, but nonetheless, nothing to get worked up over.
  3. Fascinating video. The idea of working for a corporation like Valve never really occurred to me, but it certainly seems like a rewarding job if you have the skills required. Thanks for sharing that video.
  4. Monitor because of how awful my eyes are- I suffer much less eye strain.
  5. Are there any video games/consoles that you expected to really dislike but actually end up loving instead? Maybe vice versa? Personally, I can't think of anything I had expectations for that were completely flipped, I've always found I've had a more open mind when it comes to video games (unlike many other things in my life such as books and movies).
  6. He can move his hands relatively fast but to be frank, I'm not entirely sure how he plays so well- I guess it's just him having lived so long like this that he's used to adapting to do things a bit differently? He's honestly so incredible when it comes to doing things without fingers.
  7. My parents aren't nearly that bad, but my mom certainly toes the line very so often, essentially blaming all the world's problems on children's usage of social media and video games, which is completely ridiculous, because if anything, they're what keep me sane with all the schoolwork I have to balance. Interesting. I have never heard of that, and I play D&D every so often and I live in a religious household. But yeah, my parents are certainly glad that I spend my time in my room (even if it is avoiding interaction with others) rather than standing in a parking lot vaping like many of my classmates. To be honest, gaming and social media has kept me out of a lot of trouble that my parents don't want me in to begin with.
  8. Great video, guys, I can't wait to see more of this in the future.
  9. What do you think about the media making their existence an issue? I actually kind of like it, on one hand, it keeps parents in the loop, and I believe parents should be aware of what sort of games their child is playing (at least up until a certain point, at some point it gets excessive and overbearing) but on the other, I feel parents are becoming too involved in some areas of their child's life and not involved enough in others, or just over-involved in general, which doesn't foster a healthy parent-child relationship.
  10. The new technology that's allowing those who would be otherwise unable to play at the same level of those who are perfectly healthy is incredible, and I love that people are taking resources and time to work on these products in the first place. It's admirable and the inclusion we should all want.
  11. I myself am not disabled, my brother, however (a huge gamer) is. He suffered from severe burns as a child and therefore does not have fingers and yet he can do nearly everything, especially gaming, better than I can, with or without modified controls.
  12. This game sounds so cool, and that's coming from someone who hates these kind of things. My only thing is I'd have nightmares for days to come. Do you yourself have it?
  13. Welcome to the forum! Hope to see you around!
  14. I play a lot of arcade games when I go to the boardwalk on this one beach. I couldn't say exactly what I've played, but I've for sure played some of those "old school" games there.
  15. I agree, I've never heard of it before now, but I'll have to check it out soon!
  16. I'm the youngest of four children, two of which (my brother and I) were adopted, and I know for a fact I have at least one half-sibling in my home country, but other than that, I come from a medium sized family.
  17. Single player just has a lot less pressure for a poor gamer like myself, so I went with single player, though I do enjoy watching multiplayer games.
  18. I agree, it's better to purchase- first off, I don't think it's the safest thing ever, and secondly, it's unethical. People are making their living off of these games, and downloading them for free is equivalent to slipping an item in your pocket as you leave a store- it's stealing.
  19. This could just be me, but I feel like, in addition to what's been said, there's this huge lack of original storylines. From what I've seen as of late, and what has really dulled my interest in video games is the complete lack of fresh content- to me all these newer video games are just recycled plots with a few newer features and younger players chucked into the cocktail.
  20. I'm still in the 'child' range, I would say, but up until a few years ago I was obsessed with (like others) Minecraft and Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare. I still play both on occasion when I have the time, but I used to spend hours upon hours on both of them.
  21. I used to use a Logitech bluetooth mouse I got a year or two ago, but recently it stopped working, so I've reverted back to mice with cords.
  22. It probably wouldn't affect me all that much- I play video games,sure, but they're certainly not my crutch. I'm on forums and social media far more than I'm gaming- if all internet/media was taken away, I'd probably get into some physical activity or pick up a musical instrument, to be honest. Or read more.
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