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  1. I just posted a whole reply, and it disappeared. WTF. This is why I'm not here very frequently. Feel free to feel the way you want to feel. I'm out. I'm not wasting another fucking second of this censorship.
  2. It's my article. I've archived everything I was trying to tell you THERE. Follow it. Videos are available. This one, my favorite: That video even tells you straight up half of the things I said in this thread. I don't like IPB, but the videos are yuge. lol.
  3. I'm sorry you feel this way about me, and want to hate me enough for a moderator to come in here and get aggressive. I even had this person say "Fuck you!" Like... calm down. Where did this hate come from?
  4. Here is my proof: https://carlosx360.medium.com/introducing-myself-carlosx360-6de80905d34e (Links are in the article itself. No, it's not my site, it's just a medium post, not my website, which is what I was afraid of linking.) I was not trying to derail the thread, I was trying to wake people up from the Corporate America problems. It's related to the thread at hand. Look at the press release, even. Microsoft Gaming is using "inclusivity" messaging to speak to the government of California. Read it. Connect the dots. The "him/her" detonation is right there. front and center. Microsoft is HQ'ed in Seattle, Activision is in California.
  5. They did it to DreamcastGuy... Here is an explanation of NFT's for those of you wondering... Its basically a ledger of people buying and selling. Its a prymid scheme. I think its a scam.
  6. You 3 need to understand that this whole controversy is a foreign country subverting U.S. Yes, the allegations are horrendous, but it could've been avoided if they hadn't taken money from a certain country, which is China... none of this would've happened. 1. Activision has relationships with Tencent. Likewise, THEY bought shares in Activision. 2. Activision created a Shanghai division. 3. California law requires you to have an "inclusive" executive. Here's the link if you don't believe me. This is akin to having a CCP member inside companies that operates in China.. 4. There's a law called "Senate Bill 145" in California. It allows for sexual misconduct to go really, really low. I'm not going to say it out loud here. You're gonna have to find it yourself. This is why the PlayStation executive was fired. 5. Some Activision employees have ties with Riot Games. Connect the dots and you'll realize that all this stuff is because people aren't paying attention to what's going on. Microsoft can easily clean all of it up. I wrote an article about this recently, but I won't link here because I don't know how @DC feels about it. Anyway, next time... don't react to stupid controversy like this, its OBVIOUS that this is subversion.
  7. Probably too late to say Merry Christmas, but... DEFINITELY... Happy New Year to everyone!
  8. Metroid Dread Came out in October, but its such a good game. I 100%'ed it, now I'm trying to get all the rewards.
  9. I think this was the worst year in gaming history. Yeap.
  10. I was just about to reply the same. Yeah, not a lot of shows like the 90's. Hell, even the new TMNT shows and games have bombed.
  11. Been a while since I've posted in this thread, I'll post a few here, if that's ok with you guys? And... And...
  12. It's been spreading to other niches, too. Not just gaming. However, Discord kills forums that it's based around. If you want chat on the forums, just ask for it. We actually want you ON the board, rather than going to another platform and whatever. (I own a few websites, so trust me when I say that. I own the #1 highest ranking Call of Duty forum that ain't owned by Activision, for example.)
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