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  1. At the moment I've got everything I wanted so I think I'm good for 2020 next gen consoles.
  2. This not so normal prison life simulator available on the consoles I'd have to say is not to bad. Your goal is to live life as a prisoner, do daily tasks and even escape. Before I played this game and heard of it I honestly had no idea what to think but after playing it I must say it's a pretty good game. Even though I've only escaped one prison. 😛 Have you ever played the escapists 2?
  3. That's true I mean playstation has communities and xbox has something I don't know exactly what it is though.
  4. Built for gamers mostly, but other people use this software to communicate with friends and family from around the world. Is it getting old? The last major chat company I heard of was skype and it's actually dead but Discord has been on a roll lately except for there most recent "down time." I think discord has the potential to become a thing of the future. What are your thoughts on Discord and other platforms used to talk and communicate with people? Edit: Didn't know weather to put this in the gaming section or not since discord is mainly used for gaming communication but can be used for other things.
  5. With all the recent impeachment inquiries and Trump actually getting impeached near the end of the world, the world has been pretty hectic lately. Killing a top iranian general may have just started the next World War. When I heard about this I was thinking to myself why has he done this? Maybe his actions were justified, and I'm not sticking on anyones sides here because i'm independent when it comes to politics but when someone attacks the US embassy directly that's a threat. What are your thoughts on trump getting impeached and the possible startup of the next world war?
  6. That's true but rythm & flow caters specifically towards rap and hip-hop.
  7. I didn't know where to put this since it caters to gaming mostly. Both companies have been around for a long time trying to dominate the market. Each claiming to have faster processing speeds and such but is that the truth? When I first bought my computer well when I first got my computer as a graduation gift it had an AMD RADEON RX570 and the games would just lag for me so when I decided to get a new graphics card I caved in for the mid-tier graphics card NVIDIA GEFORCE 1660 gaming x, and it runs most new games at 1080p 60fps. I personally prefer NVIDIA over AMD anyday. What do you prefer?
  8. For PlayStation the dualshock 4 is the best in my opinion. It just has that feel and vibration to it. For xbox I've only played the Xbox One so obviously that and there remotes not even that bad.
  9. I would say Narcos but they made a game and it looks terrible. So I'd have to go with super natural. That show has been around for years I believe it has the potential to be a great video game before they wrap up the series.
  10. If you've ever watched American Idol or The View then you get the concept, It's basically the same thing except the forte is focused on rap/hip-hop. Whoever wins gets a music label and to produce new music with other mainstream artists. When I first heard of it I was skeptical about it because there's already a couple of competition shows out there that are not just based on music, but when I watched it I enjoyed it. Only thing I don't like about it is the judges, but hey who am I to judge who the producers wanna make a Judge or not. Other than that it's a solid TV show don't look too rigged. Have you ever heard of this show or do you currently watch it?
  11. Well the battlepass and the engine are new. Other than that it's the same old COD, and MW2 was the first COD I played. The issue with Modern Warfare is all the camping spots, windows, doors, etc. This game was confirmed by the developers built up from the ground catering more to new players.
  12. I think the only console game I'd play was minecraft, phone has complicated controls on some games.
  13. I honestly used to love the face-paced action packed arcade shooter until late 2016 when it started getting really boring. But the hype for this game is real many people hate it and or dislike. With all the hype surrounding call of duty this year my question to you is what's your opinion on it in 2019? Do you think it lived up to the hype?
  14. Hi, my names SaucyPastaTho but you can call me saucy and Im 22 years old I love computers and food. :D Can't wait to meet everyone else. :P
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