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  1. Right the game is just so buggy and unattended to, according to everyone.
  2. The future of streaming. No it's not the "future". There's plenty of game streaming services out there like Xbox gamepass and PS now, only reason its expensive is because it's made by google the multi billion dollar company.
  3. I love pizza in general but I'd have to say pepperoni and sausage, and stuffed cheese crust if you count that as a topping.
  4. Your welcome. If they have a reddit they might post patch notes there on social media or just Ubisoft website.
  5. More than likely it'll be a DLC for new content to download. Or just a standard patch file.
  6. Featuring: That one friend who always makes you laugh. 😛 And when I run out of time I play again when I can.
  7. It's actually not even a surprise much anymore. School shootings and any type of shootings have been increasing. I guess when people are mad they decide to shoot a school, church, etc.
  8. In general I hate timed missions. Only because it boils down to if you make a mistake it can greatly cost you.
  9. I been watching netflix. I beat all my games nothing left to play.
  10. That's true but most of the time we think we have enough supplies to craft health ammo etc. When in reality we don't.
  11. If I beat a game obviously my choice is to play the game I hadn't beat yet then go and play the old ones I already beat that I enjoyed.
  12. Usually when I'm mad, sad or just depressed. Instead of gaming I'll just watch Netflix or YouTube or something else related to videos.
  13. Okay is this a repost? I usually don't unless I'm aiming for a platinum.
  14. 300 Spartan? I never heard of that before. Difficulty doesn't matter to me.
  15. When I'm going for platinum I usually give myself a time limit to complete the game and then grab collectibles and sweep up left over trophies. But when I'm playing casually, I'll usually take my time between levels main quests and side quests collectibles etc.
  16. For me if the character has the same personality trait and acts like me.
  17. Pokemon Revolution Online the better alternative to the original.
  18. Roblox has been expanding everywhere but steam and playstation. I can almost guarantee if they released it on PS4 or even the next gen consoles there player count would increase. For both Roblox and the platforms they aren't released on yet. I started playing in 2009 i fell inlove with sword fights on the heights. One of roblox OG game that now adays would probably have like 10 or 15 people playing. Those were the good days when we had Tix and didn't have to buy builders club.
  19. If Dead Rising was on there I'd buy it. Actually I think Nintendo owns it if I'm not mistaken.
  20. Happy new year to everyone at VGR and the planet earth!
  21. Poop simulator. :p. The name says it all it was garbage.
  22. That does look cool even though im not much into handheld gaming.
  23. Considering the fact I've never played the game before I'd have to look into it. But the name is awesome nevertheless.
  24. The only actual fighting game I'd play besides megaman was teken, I used to love that game back in the PS2 days.
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