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  1. Yeah I know that and I played skyrm couldn't beat it. 😛 😛
  2. Elder scrolls? I didn't know people still play that game. The last I heard of it was tamriel unlimited or something like that.
  3. That's a diss to the new players, they'll think it has cars in it, futuristic fighting. 😛 😛
  4. Toon town was awesome. And the reason ROBLOX ain't very much fun is because of the stupid simulators and high school and meep city trash that's on there.
  5. MK? I didn't know Mortal Kombat had cars in it now. :p.
  6. That's also true, but this is an arcade shooter. A video game not real life. I don't see what's so fun about sitting in a corner for 10 minutes.
  7. Two of the most well known online games on the planet one has died and Roblox is still alive. Well club penguin has shut down years ago but there's a remaster out called cprewritten its the same old penguin universe with the coffe shop and all same code, only difference is Disney hasn't made it. Do you play either one of these games?
  8. Everything except making the cheeks skinny or fat. I hate when games do that.
  9. The escapists 2 was one game I never thought I'd play but I have friends who wanted me to play it. Didn't think I'd like it but I did, even though the high-security(hard) prisons are completely annoying.
  10. It's stupid and takes away the fun and fueled adrenaline rush in playing games. Essentially camping is sitting in a spot killing anyone who comes by. What he said also.
  11. I agree I was all over it at first but when the PS3 & PS4 came out I was over it by then.
  12. Still a good game. I don't know if I'll ever buy the 3rd.
  13. Only thing I drink is water and soda. 😛 I tried beer once and despised the taste.
  14. No doubt about it. Every food you used to eat looks good when your on a diet. 😛
  15. Is cuphead any good? Last I heard it was an xbox exclusive.
  16. Countdown to the death of Pablo Escobar. A good documentary about the life of fame and rise and fall of one of the most wealthiest drug lords.
  17. Honestly if we're looking at realism in war games like call of duty it makes sense to camp and find the enemy because they do in real life. But that's an arcade shooter and most people play for fun without camping.
  18. I used to love kingdom hearts. I remember I used to play it all the time on the PS2
  19. How would that even work? Normally one remote does the trick.
  20. On christmas I bought Day's gone and The Escapists 2. Both excellent games.
  21. On christmas I bought Day's gone and The Escapists 2. Both excellent games.
  22. Pro for short essentially is the same thing as pokemon just online with other players. It has events membership perks and you can even edit your character with different clothes and mounts(surf mounts). Has all the regions too. Have you played it before?
  23. If I ever decide to play PC again I'll check that out. The only game I play is PRO.
  24. Backwards compatibility doesn't excite me to much however, the specs are whats gonna end up making me purchase it. The SSD for PC is already expensive and packed with lightning fast loading times. So it will be interesting to see how it performs in a console.
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