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  1. By puzzles I think of games like uncharted with that being said uncharted.
  2. Nope. For me I have to use either a console or a PC very rarely would I use a handheld console aswell.
  3. I believe it is available on the PC and it's just like Grand Theft Auto. Just more explicit and better
  4. Saints row 3 remastered on the road to platinum.
  5. Usually for 12 straight hours and then for the next 2 or 3 hours watch netflix and then off to bed. No breaks really.
  6. 13 to 16 hours of straight gaming. Well depends if im aiming for platinum or not.
  7. I usually leave it the way it is unless the lighting becomes a true issue.
  8. Lately I been sleeping and not doing much because of the stuff that's been going on usually 12 hours or so
  9. A whole bundle kingdom hearts collection 1 2 3 HD 1.5 + 2.5 that goes for 100$ for 20$ on sale.
  10. Most games I play are usually FPS so I use assault rifles and SMGS.
  11. In terms of DLC and microtransactions. I'd say Trove is one thing I've spent alot of money on close to $150 just to platinum and collect all the trophies.
  12. I usually stop playing the game for a while wait until it's resolved or I'll just get back on later.
  13. Falling off a cliff and cooking a grenade to throw it through a window missing the window and dieing.
  14. Fallout Crafting and customize like systems I can deal with their not bad I like them. But if we're talking about Advanced like fortnite. Then I hate those types. So many menu text within text. For crafting shooting etc.
  15. I doubt it. Due to everything that's going on it might be temporarily stopped.
  16. That was last months list. Not sure when this month will go live.
  17. I'm confused by the time it takes for us to respond you could figure it out. 🙂 try youtube or walkthrough game guides. Nevertheless good luck in your journey.
  18. Not necessarily. I think the one thing that helps people understand current events would be the news or south Park.( because it makes fun of everything. Note: South Parks episode on the corona virus will probably be epic.) Anyway unless future games implement the current situation then no.
  19. Sounds interesting. What console PS2?
  20. True but all it is is life.
  21. I doubt physical copies will ever die(anytime soon at least). They said the same thing about DVDs a few years ago when it started fading away but there still here.
  22. Why have you never had a friend? Everyone has friends 🙂
  23. Still going for that shiny platinum trophy on MW2 Remastered. Got 12 out of like 50 or 55 trophies and then on to platinum Destiny 2.
  24. Most of the time the things people say to each other are downright hilarious. Other times it's toxic and deserves a mute, 50 chances of toxicity and 50 chances of funny arguments. 50/50 give or take.
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