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  1. COD Modern warfare 2019. 60 $ + 10.00$ just to get ghost. 😛
  2. I tried that game but never really liked it. Not too much into fighting games unless its Tekken.
  3. Solo unless it's with a bunch of my friends.
  4. Metro Redux, I'm actually enjoying the game so far even though I just started.
  5. 12 hours give or take. When I was a kid I'd play 12 or more hours a day.
  6. I love that game. And for me Metro Redux I never actually thought I'd like that but I played it and got into it. Might actually platinum it.
  7. It all depends how a person perceives whats happening in that certain video game.
  8. Actually everything I ate was decent, never ran into a problem with waiters or food. Then again I barely go out to eat but still.
  9. I've never used anything like that. Never really needed it because my console never overheats but still revs like a jet engine at times.
  10. Modern Warfare for PS4. I'm probably gonna get a new game or something soon.
  11. Simulator games have a certain physical fit to them especially the good and realistic ones.
  12. If the game has a good solid foundation good gameplay mechanics etc than I'll play it online if not then I won't.
  13. It all really depends video game console/creator companies tend to follow the path of other people.
  14. That and not alot of people can afford that type of internet.
  15. Mw is realistic yes but as I said before just like every other game it has it's fair share of problems.
  16. That's the problem most developers are lazy and rush to push out new content.
  17. Is there a difference between pubg mobile and pubg? Besides it being on a phone and pc/console.
  18. Word search by POWGI. I love word search puzzles plus it's an easy platinum.
  19. Only accessories I deem required would be a good headset ( on consoles and PC.)
  20. South park the stick of truth, and thief. The rest I never played but heard of some of them.
  21. Like a new trending topic that involves death and anger.
  22. I think any developer with the right mind and skillset of how they want things to be done is very creative, for example mojang the minecraft level design creators.
  23. You think? I don't think it's the future because streaming games puts a strain on the wifi connection no matter how good your internet is wired or wireless. There's always gonna be hiccups in connections.
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