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  1. Making your characters overweight, weightless, etc. That might be fun but I never tried it.
  2. Last time I tried to use a remote on steam it was barely supported.
  3. An actual storyline with real story and side quests. Not just a half-made game and tedious side quests.
  4. Sometimes my computer switches audio have you checked that.
  5. Plus lootboxes ruin games for players who grind out fair.
  6. I mostly buy digital games when there on sale on the PS4.
  7. Usually the games I play I enjoyed so unless I enjoy the game that's a hard no.
  8. It's ethical because it's more money in there pocket.
  9. I think if i were to ever get Disney plus is because of there add-on deals, other than that I'll stick with Netflix or hulu.
  10. You mean like card games that type? I could never get those games. It's like playing virtual checkers or chess.
  11. I used to love ice cream and other foods but I cut down on a diet recently.
  12. I think that design directors usually don't think to often and rush in putting that game and or level out. Which will cause bugs and rationally stupid logics.
  13. Trove is a good one you can try that on either console or PC.
  14. I been meaning to check that out once i finish super natural again.
  15. The Escapists 2. I just platinumed Day's Gone and now that's on my to do list. 😛
  16. If aliens are the way there portrayed in movies I don't wanna be around no more. 😛 Jeez they probably hate America for displaying them as vile killers.
  17. For me that's a tough one. But I'd have to say narcos if your referring to netflix originals. If not I like a couple, Supernatural, El Chapo, Narcos, Narcos:Mexico, Santa Clarita Diet, Ash VS Evil dead, Orange is the new black and iZombie. There's probably more i like to much. 😛
  18. Modern warfare it had, has still has so much potential but the community managers and developers over at Infinity Ward aren't listening to the community and blocking and banning anyone who talks bad about the game from there social media sites like reddit.
  19. It's pretty much the same as the first only thing is the new maps and graphics.
  20. Sony's sales are actually not too bad. Your still paying to play regardless if you have xbox PlayStation or steam. And the only difference in my opinion between consoles and PC is the lack of customization. With a PC you can swap out all and any hardware that doesn't please you. And the consoles are limited to the hardware that came packaged in the console excluding the only thing on console you can change is the storage.
  21. I prefer console only because of the controller although I have an NVIDIA GTX 1660 ti gaming x msi. I tried PC gaming a couple of times just to verify if I liked it but I don't. I don't like using mouse and keyboard so I stick with console. 😛
  22. Fantastic beasts? Is that an old movie or what?
  23. I have no idea why they do this. When I bought minecraft PS VITA edition physical came with a code I was trying to figure out what the whole point of manafacturing cases with no disc and just a code. Makes no sense whatsoever.
  24. That's true, it also depends on personal preference.
  25. I only had a total of 3 consoles, the PS2, PS3, and PS4. I sold the PS3 a few years ago it was hard to let go because it was my baby. In general I'll keep my old consoles until i don't play them much and sell them.
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