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Spider-Man PS4

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1 hour ago, Darth said:

I'm glad I didn't play this when it first came out because I was able to enjoy it for the first time with the PS5. The changes they made for the PS5 were just perfect and made the game feel a lot better. And then I moved on straight away to Miles Morales which was great too.

Seriously - With the way I have been tempted by Playstation 5 owners with how exquisite it is to play with the console, it's really a torment. 

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1 hour ago, Empire said:

Well, I do not ahve PS4 and so Not for me people 😛 Nope. Going to see people streaming and making content for this game and so going to be intersting

Wow, you don't own Playstation 4, it's really a shame but I'm sure you have probably PS5. Do you? 

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7 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

I oy played spider Man during my early days as a gamer using a Java phone to play Java spider Man, the gameplay then was encouraging base on its level then, I'll watch the trailer to see if it's going to worth my time again. 

I think it was on gameboy that I played Spiderman and it was much fun that year when I was still a kid. 

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