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The Blackangel

Republicans Attack Joe Biden For Meeting With Putin

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That's funny cause remember that trump wanted to meet with taliban on the Sept. 11 anniversary in 2019 on U.S. soil but canceled at last minute. And don't get me started with republicans and putin and their rogue partnership in corruption. GOP and putin are allies. And that is no lie or exaggeration. Too many of them have a russian trail and they always defend each other.ย 

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The video starts off saying that Republicans believe that a sitting US President shouldn't meet with Putin. That's absolutely false! I couldn't continue watching from there since it started off spreading false information. The problem that Republicans have with Biden meeting with Putin is how the Democrats spread a lot of drama when Trump talked with Putin and how the media took off and made conspiracy theories that weren't true. So, let's be honest here...I agree with @Crazycrabthat leaders need to meet in order to get things accomplished and prevent wars, etc... Most Republicans also believe that and aren't throwing any type of fits because Biden wanted to meet with Putin...it's the hypocrisy that they don't appreciate when it's okay for one guy to do it but not the other.

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