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EA May Lose FIFA Name & License As FIFA Charges $1 Billion For Renewal & EA Refuses To Pay

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What's the status of this? Any news on if EA is willing to pay that? $1 billion is a lot to ask for. Even for a company like EA. I'm sure they could afford it, but how much are they making in sales from Fifa and all it's microtransactions? 

Honestly though, I don't care what happens to EA. I rarely buy their games, and if I do play them, it's through something like game pass anyway. Sure it still support them somewhat by just buying gamepass, but I would rather no one support EA until they start to produce better quality sports games and doesn't abuse or push long hours on developers. That's all we ask from EA, is to let developers to do their work on the games they are wanting to release. Let them take as much time as needed so they can make the best game possible. Treat your employees right, don't force them to work long hours to get to an unrealistic release date. 

EA could benefit by supporting the developers who make their hit games. Let them make the games they want and not hold them to unreasonable release dates. And allow devs to delay their games if needed. But yeah, this isn't about that, I'm just going on a rant about EA at this point lol. 

Maybe it's time for Fifa to look for other developers/publishers to produce their games. 

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