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Our brains work differently in VR than real environments

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I think that it is very likely, with how much CGI technology has advanced, that it will be difficult to distinguish VR from real life at some point in the not-so-distant future. That seems a little... odd to me. I still haven't hopped on the VR bandwagon. ^^
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I imagine our brains work in vr similarly to how our brains act during general gaming. I remember hearing that gaming slowed down the brain, or the receptors weren't flaring as much while gaming. Don't quote me on that, as idk if that's true. But I swear I heard that gaming rests your brain somewhat. 

But yeah, if you're not moving around while in VR, I imagine it's different than when you are moving around. I think some people's brains don't realize what they see is fake, so it confuses them. That's why I think people fall for real if they in game. 

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