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Yes, aren't like I have an option. Most games liuke the battlefield series you only can get it from so and so stores. Not all games are listed on steam or epic games. EAdoes that allot where they only do it for one platform only game release. 

You need to have Orgin any way if you all played battlefield, it is needed to open the luncher to go online and play. 

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I get the SP battlefield games super cheap for PC.Even SP campaign you need to use Origin.It is one of the most unreliable pieces of shit software I've ever used.At least half the time I try to open it it crashes or locks up.I have a couple Mass effects on there too but I dread dealing with Origin.And for all of you that have never heard of Origin consider yourself lucky.I want to access all my PC games through Steam with no other launchers.You need to use Rockstars launcher for their games and I simply won't get any R* games because of it.I mostly keep away from Ubi games because of their mandatory launcher.Same with EA and Origin.PC gaming can be a pain in the ass compared to consoles.

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