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The Blackangel

Do you keep the U?

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This is just a question about spelling. The majority of answers will just be due to where we're from, as a lot of countries will keep/forego is. Here' in the states, we tend to forego the U. Like in words such as color, whereas in the UK they spell it colour. Myself I tend to forego it except with the word behaviour. I'm not sure why, but I unconsciously add a U in there every time.

I'm kinda wanting to know everyone's opinion on this, as well as why they do/don't use the letter U.

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Since we speak and scribe the King's English on this side of the Atlantic, I could just boil this down to saying you filthy colonials are spelling things wrong, but...


You know, that's it. You filthy colonials are spelling things wrong.




Seriously though, I have no idea why this and other spelling differences like this happen on the same language.

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Being Norwegian, I originally learned mostly British english in school, but the most effective learning tool for me was watching movies and TV-shows and playing video games. Most of those were in American english, so that's mostly why I've adopted the American style of writing. 

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