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Most Bizarre Habits Your Pets Have

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My female dog Lassie has quite a few but the most odd one is her standing in front of the stove and checking out her reflection in the glass. If I put her in front of an actual mirror, she just goes right back to the oven. I'm not sure why either. What are some odd habits your pets have?

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On 6/5/2023 at 4:52 PM, The Blackangel said:

My birds follow me around the house. Apple takes flight to come find me, and Maxine just walks around until she's found me.

To be fair, the pigeon I had helped recover from a broken wing does the same thing when I let him in the house. He also keeps turning up with a bunch of other pigeons nowadays.

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When we had our cat Smokey before she sadly passed away last year, she had a lot of habits that we noticed and one of them would be when she could not get her own way. 

She would try and trick us to give her treats or more food even though she had just been fed or given treats and when you told her no, she would throw herself on the floor and just lay there like she was dead for a little LOL

We used to call her a drama queen for that!

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