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The Blackangel

Biggest hit of the current generation

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Despite not being a player of the game, I would say that Skyrim has been the biggest hit of the generation. True, it came out during the PS3 era, but it has been going like an ox ever since. People who know how to do it are modding the game. The game is (from what I see) one of, if not the, biggest open world games in existence. There really is no challenger for first place. Skyrim has it.

Second place, I would say, is a tie between RDR2, GTA5, and Witcher 3. They're all massive hits in their own right, and have a fan base that is just as big as the success of the games themselves. It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE RDR2. I have given the others multiple chances, but just can't get into them. GTA is way out of my "comfort zone" if you will. It is just nothing that entertains me in any way. If I want to experience that kind of thing, I'll just go hang out in my old neighborhood. Witcher 3, despite being the kind of game I'm typically into, just couldn't reel me in or get it's hooks into me. The same goes for Skyrim.

So from what I see, those are the four biggest hits that are currently going. If I missed something let me know, because I really want to know what everyone thinks.

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I would say GTA 5 is the biggest hit but like Skyrim, both came out in the ps3 generation and both have spanned through the whole 8th and even into the newer 9th generations. If we take a look at those two we can see what really made them survive so long. It was the modding community that kept Skyrim alive and it was the online multiplayer that kept GTA 5 alive. GTA 5 has looked graphically awesome since its inception while Skyrim has been remastered and there are a bunch of mods to make it look even better. Rockstar has been quiet over the years but when they make a game, they make it to last. TLOU also came out in the ps3 generation and what kept it alive was simply bad assery. Although it did have online multiplayer, but not as huge as GTA 5 was mainly because GTA 5 is open world. Even Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out on the ps3 Xbox one era and the online community kept that one alive too. Those games mentioned I will put aside for the moment since they came out 2 generations ago. So assuming we are talking about the 8th ps4 generation, I'm gonna pick a game that actually came out specifically for that generation. I'd say it's between RDR2 and TLOU2 as top hits. But I believe @Rain Dew is probably right about MineCraft and Fortnight. I've never played either of those two. I thinker's online based? So in my book it doesn't count lol. 

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When it comes to the biggest hits of this generation I would have to say that World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Fortnite and also Minecraft are the ones that come to mind. 

All of these are still actively played and it is amazing to see that they are still being played and updated even after all these years. 

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