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3 minutes ago, Shagger said:

Welcome to VGR. We're very happy to have you here. What MMO's are you playing at the moment?

I always continue to go back to Runescape. I can feel that I'm about to go back now lol. Especially for their new necromancy stuff. I need to finish a quest line first though. 

I know these both aren't considered MMO's but they have the similarities. I've been playing Diablo 4, and then also Destiny 2 is an obsession and it's more FPS, but I love it. 

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Ave and welcome. It's always nice to see "new faces" so to speak.

This forum is very inclusive, and considering the population, there is never a question that can't be answered by at least one person. Gaming styles and preferences are all covered. For example, I am the resident classic gamer. I play the old stuff mainly from the N64 and back. But I also know RDR2 inside and out. So someone, somewhere, will know the answer to what you're seeking.



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